Monday, October 02, 2006

THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS: Search term fun and recent stories

Excluded this time around, the usual requests on how to make homemade chemical bombs and techniques in acid throwing, where to buy cyanide, etc.

taking a cia polygraph test Yes, the CIA is hiring. I saw it on Channel 11.

christopher shays christian science Temper, temper.

bioterror agroterror september 2006 I see dumb people.

sci fi investigates sedona The Mothman, Legend of Boggy Creek, Search for Bigfoot & Bigfootville. Don't watch this stuff, it'll make you as stupid as Boston Rob Mariano and Co.

+parney +albright Parney Albright Fan Club/Official War On Terror Trading Cards.

hiker cut off arm to save life He's The Claw, Not the Craw!


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