Friday, September 22, 2006

RUBBISH SCI-FI CHANNEL PROJECT promises to look into Bigfoot, the Mothman and UFOs -- Perhaps doesn't answer existential quantitative and qualitative question, "Do we really need more?"

Back at the beginning of summer, Dick Destiny was contacted by a journalist named Roger Trilling doing scouting work for a reality version of the 'X-Files' in development in southern California. The idea, as it was explained over the phone, was to assemble a team to go out every week and look into some aspect of the alleged unknown, most notably, UFOs.

It was hard to take seriously, and I wrote:
So I told the fellow in charge of the search -- a good journalist by the name of Roger Trilling -- that I didn't believe in UFOs, which more or less destroys the point of such a reality-based television show. And I answered a number of progessively more foolish questions.

"What would I do with an air force man or a civilian who had a UFO on film or in a photograph that was not explained away by reflections and optical phenomena?" Besides roll your eyes? Answering the truth, of course, would have been impolite.

Such questions made me feel dumb. And it wasn't the interviewer's fault they were idiotic. Anyone having to actually find a team of serious people with more than half a brain for such a project is going to be hard put to avoid the ludicrous.
At the time, I figured Sci Fi channel was a good candidate for the show, mostly for its love of trash like the "investigating" of ghosts or alleged news inquiries into how the world might end.

But I do watch the channel -- Battlestar Galactica is a favorite as was Farscape until the latter's cancellation. And I saw a teaser for a new program called Sci Fi Investigates tonight.

Seeing the premise -- the quick flash of a man in a bigfoot suit, a grainy old upside down plate as UFO photo, and a collection of pandering ninnies -- I knew I'd found the show I'd been interviewed for.

After the interview I was certain I wouldn't get a callback and didn't.

Reading the press release for Sci Fi Investigates confirmed my original dim impression of the project.

Slated for "investigation:"
Bigfoot – New sightings are making news and SCI FI Investigates does whatever it takes to secure legitimate evidence of the legendary creature's existence.

Mothman – A real-life nightmare that made headlines around the world, recent sightings of a terrifying winged apparition, known as the Mothman, takes SCI FI Investigates deep into the mountains of West Virginia.

Paranormal Hotspots – As hubs for such uncommon occurrences as UFO sightings, cattle mutilations and unexplained paranormal activity, Dulce, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona are quite unique. SCI FI Investigates gets to the root of the disturbances that have put these cities on the paranormal map.

The complete summation, along with more ludicrous material, at Reality TV, is here.

The "investigative" team includes someone from the reality TV show, "Survivor," and an author (a believer in UFOs) of a self-published book on them and how the US national security state is covering it all up. [No link for obvious reasons.]

" . . . the UFO subject has had a corrosive, toxic affect on our civil liberties, freedoms, and sense of national identity," writes one citizen reviewer on Amazon. "Every concerned citizen should pay attention to this subject mainly because UFO disclosure has ramifications throughout our entire political and social system."

Surely that is indisputable.

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roger trilling isn't a real journalist--i mean, in his head he thinks he is but he has no training other than a few forgotten articles here and there. i mean, look at the subject matter! OMG!!

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