Sunday, September 17, 2006

JERICHO: New CBS drama on nuclear apocalypse everywhere except Heevahavaville, USA

Sunday's LA Times sported a brief piece on "Jericho," a new drama set to show the struggle of a Heevahavaville in the Midwest after the rest of the United States is nuked. It was a good read, if only for the unintentionally amusing declarations from the show's executive producer, Jon Turteltaub.

" . . . the creators of 'Jericho' . . . weren't surprised when their [show's] premise met with heaps of rejection," read the Times. "More than a half-dozen networks passed on the project . . . "

"Everybody [but CBS] thought it sounded like something Americans wouldn't want to watch," said Turteltaub to reporter Martin Miller. " . . . CBS was able to hear hope and survival."

If you've been reading the blog this summer, and the Daily Fallout series, from alpha to omega, you've seen there's no shortage of Americans wrapped up in anticipatory discussion of nuclear war.

One supposes, however, that Hollywood-types wouldn't be up on this.

A very pleasant picture, says producer of 'Jericho'
"There's something very pleasant about all the noise from L.A. and New York just going away," said Turteltaub to the newspaper.

"There's something exciting about a survival story where you get back to a simpler life where neighbors matter."

This is the first time Dick Destiny has ever heard someone claim a nuclear attack which destroys all of the nation's cities except for a few, like HeevahavavilleJericho, in the Midwest, might be simplifying and good for getting the leftovers to bond with each other. That's creative marketing!

Well, Dick Destiny recommends Turteltaub have Congressman Chris Shays write a few episodes of "Jericho."

"And don't expect a quick resolution into the origins of the nuclear blasts," reads the Times. "That's a mystery . . . that will continue for a long time," finished Turteltaub.

Sorry folks, but Dick Destiny already has it figured out, courtesy of Shays. Since he said you can make a nuclear bomb from materials found at Home Depots, it's simple.

Teenage boys destroyed America.

Teens downloaded The Poor Man's Atomic Bomb from the Internet and then went shopping at their local big box hardware store. And all the little towns, like Jericho, those without a Home Depot, survived.

Gotta be the best comedy series this fall. Count me in as a fan, already.

Please to send a copy of The Doomsday Scenario by Douglas Keeney, to DD.


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