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THE DAILY FALLOUT: Get yourself ready - a selection from the recent daily news

"I know it isn't good to laugh about such a serious topic, but when I saw the graphic on suggesting that when a nuclear bomb goes off a hundred feet away you might want to protect yourself by walking around the corner, I just couldn't help myself," said Ivan Oelrich, Vice President of Strategic Security at FAS. The appropriate reaction to a nuclear attack is to hide from the light and heat of the blast, then walk perpendicular to the wind away from the dust cloud. Accurate information like this, not available on, can be found on

Combining the plain text of Bible prophecy with Drosnan’s information from the Bible Codes, we can piece together more of the puzzle. There is a prophecy in Isaiah 22 that speaks of an attack on Jerusalem that is so fast and so overwhelming that Israel doesn’t even have time to engage in the battle! The prophecy even speaks of slain who are not slain in battle, as though it is over before it even begins. Could this be a nuclear attack? What’s more interesting is that the attacker in this prophecy is not Babylon or Assyria, or even Egypt, but rather Elam. Elam was the old Persian Empire, and is inhabited today by the modern nation of Iran.

Another end-time prophecy, this one in Zechariah 2, refers to God exacting rather severe vengeance on “the daughter of Babylon” and the “North countries” for a merciless and devastating attack on “the apple of His eye,” which typically refers to Jerusalem. The old Persian Empire was a province of Babylon for several hundred years until Assyria overthrew it in roughly 645 BC, so this prophecy could also be referring to present day Iran . . . the modern day “Elamites.” The prophecy in Isaiah definitely states that Elam provides the weapons for this attack, but isn’t clear on who actually launches it. The Bible Codes suggest, however, that it is Hamas that delivers this devastating blow to Jerusalem, not Hezbollah or Iran, and includes the words “from Haniel”.

Isaiah 22 suggests that this attack is completely unexpected and therefore undefended against. If this attack is the one in Zechariah 1 that speaks of a scattering of Israel such that “no man did lift up his head,” then it is unquestionably an ominous and deadly attack. Indeed, it is the attack that precipitates the final seven years of end-time prophecy with all the violence and confusion that go with them. Now less than two weeks away, Israel should definitely be wary of the 9th of Av (August 3rd ) this year. More importantly, she should not forget to look to the real source of her defense, as Isaiah 22:11 warns! Vacationers, businessmen, and CNN News Correspondents should take note of this date . . . just in case.

Jerusalem, and what may happen next, I have copied the relevant pages from my book: America, The True Church & The End of the Age. You can download these pages at no cost from my website:

If a country was serious about wanting to attack the United States with nuclear fire in a manner that would ensure surprise, leave no fingerprints and guarantee success, there's a much easier, better and cheaper way. It's one that could avoid the challenge of smuggling weapons into U.S. ports under the eyes of law enforcement, intelligence, customs officials and the Coast Guard: Put the missile on a ship disguised as a commercial freighter or private craft, sail near American waters and fire.

The North Koreans could adapt a short-range missile, such as a Scud. They already have them, and they know they work. The Scud has a large "throw-weight" (meaning it can carry a very heavy warhead) and could deliver a weapon at close range with ease. Building an improvised vertical launch platform for the missile is no significant technical challenge, nor is figuring how to make firing accurate enough to shoot a nuke at New York or Washington.

What's better (from an enemy's standpoint) is that the missile firing might well go undetected. Even tracing the perpetrator after the fact might be tough, particularly if the ship were scuttled after the firing. We wouldn't know who to retaliate against.

From a Walter Groteschele at The Washington Post.

Black markets are the most likely source of a nuclear bomb for a terrorist organization. For several years A.Q. Khan, a Pakistani scientist, ran a secret network that sold nuclear materials, bomb design and hardware to North Korea, Iran, Libya and perhaps others. It was rolled up late in the game. Too late, in the case of North Korea.

North Korea and Iran have shown the world that the nuclear nonproliferation treaty means little or nothing to them. Others will follow their lead if they get away with it. More nuclear weapons in more hands adds up to a greater risk that an atom bomb will get into the hands of terrorists.

America's borders are porous. Police found an expertly constructed tunnel running between a warehouse in Tijuana, Mexico, and one in San Diego. We were told that it was used for smuggling marijuana, but it could have been used to smuggle nuclear materials into the United States.

No one can say otherwise.

These are the elements of a "perfect storm" and they all point to a catastrophe.

Pennsy Patriot News.

Certainly in the event of a nuclear attack, once the explosion(s) is over you would be well advised to move away until the threat from radiation can be professionally assessed. You would also be sensible to wash or shower in clean water and change your clothing as soon as possible.

Family Security Matters, NJ

This is a time to enjoy ourselves. This is a time to celebrate our nation's glory and to be proud that we have our freedom.

But that tranquility can be shattered in an instant.

We are still fighting the war on terrorism.

But now President Bush and our world leaders have a new threat to worry about, a threat we haven't really seen since the end of the Cold War.

In North Korea, there's a leader, Kim Jong Il, who wants to send a message. He's placed his country on the map, especially with this week's launching of seven missiles, including a long-range missile that some analysts feared could reach the continental United States. Luckily, that missile failed right after launch.

We need to strike fast and end this threat, especially if it comes on our country.

President Bush and world leaders are meeting to come up with strategies to change the mindset of Kim Jong II, whom the president says "wants us to either fear him or pay attention to him."

Our nation is not the superpower it used to be. It is not feared throughout the world as one that other countries should avoid.

Terrorism is now a constant threat. A nuclear attack could join that list.

So this is the Summer of 2006.

Enjoy these dog days. Just don't forget to look over your shoulder now and then.

The Taunton Gazette

How to Identify a Nuclear Attack

A nuclear explosion will start with an intense flash of heat and light followed within seconds by an explosive blast. For a small weapon, the flash only lasts one to two seconds. A large bomb could have a flash that lasts 10 seconds or more.

From We're So Really Really Ready - Really, We Are -- We Mean It! An effort way, way too obsessed with itself. They don't really think anyone would somehow miss an atomic explosion, do they?

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