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THE DAILY FALLOUT: A series of apocalyptic fun and comment, taken from the news

Most have no idea how many people seem to enjoy anticipating the great bomb sling.

Consider it a spittle foam of craziness spattering from the US group mind.

No doubt readers do not recall that the Washington Post did a poll in the run-up to the Iraq war in which a majority of Americans were revealed to think that Saddam should be nuked. How times change! Now we want to leave! Fickle, fickle, fickle!

One thing is certain: If and when it comes, the great bomb sling will be a source of terror war infotainment, an opportunity for experts, philosophers and miscellaneous talking heads to get their shots in on TV (and in print). At least, until there's a near miss on them.

[Fine art at left from one old paperback edition of the novel, "Fail-Safe."

Dick Destiny, with GlobalSecurity.Org Senior Fellow T-shirt on, Official Public Service Announcement!

At left, what a 12-20 kiloton atomic shot over Manhattan might look like. Pretty nasty! Could spoil your morning. But wait, it gets better.

The adjacent image is a 10-megaton thermonuclear shot, a hydrogen bomb, obliterating all five boroughs.

Which would you choose? Well, that's easy! I'll take the first, please!

The good news is our potential foes are not going to be capable of 10-megaton Sunday punches unless the Russkis give them one. So if you were counting on the first one, you can still slightly rationalize wasting time on

[Source -- Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb.]

Robert Spencer agrees with the analyst Reuven Paz that Ahmadinejad is attempting to "hotwire" the apocalypse. I'm just not convinced of that, perhaps because my research focuses on Sunni movements which, historically, have not ascribed to the doctrine that "destroying the world might be the prerequisite for making it right." From what I can gather in Arabic books and websites, the Sunni world at least is already convinced the ummah (Islamic community) is already at its absolute historical nadir--so there's no need to increase the oppression of Muslims.

What I am more concerned about is the possibility that Sunni and Shi`i views of the dire straits of the ummah, and the need for the Mahdi/UnHidden Imam to appear, will increasingly converge such that sizable factions of each branch of Islam would be willing to accept a charismatic leader as the Mahdi. And since I'm convinced that Usama bin Ladin, the most charismatic leader in the Islamic world (still outshining Nasrallah), is in Iran being protected by the ayatollahs, there is a very real possibility that UBL could emerge in the near future as the "ecumenical" leader of the jihadist world, both Sunni and Shi`i. And if Tehran has nuclear weapons by then....

FP: Osama in Iran? Yes I have seen some evidence suggesting that. A truly frightening thought of the combination here . . .

Ahmadinejad's Apocalypse

An apocalypse multiple-choice quiz.

This possibility is ever more frightening because we are now dealing with tribal factions, wild-eyed religious sects and rogue nations at a time when America's battered global image is at its nadir. So, fellow citizens, here is the ultimate multiple-choice question we must address: America will suffer a nuclear attack on its own soil A: Within five years. B: Within 10 years. C: Within 20 years. D: Never.

For the answer, go to the Indianapolis Star.

In one scenario — a nuclear blast in lower Manhattan — an estimated 52,000 people would be killed immediately and another 10,000 would receive lethal doses of radiation. But the fate of an estimated 200,000 people downwind from the blast — up to 48 kilometres away with a wind speed of 16 km/h — depends on the government's planning, Helfand said.

Those people "might live if we have a plan in place to evacuate or shelter them effectively," Helfand said in an interview Wednesday. "But at this point, we don't have a plan, and that's fairly shocking, five years after 9/11."

From the Associated Press, reporting on some collection of experts who insist the government doesn't have a plan as good as their's to survive atomic attack. Screw them, the second photo -- above -- encapsulates it better.

No to appeasement, says acolyte of Rumsfeldian thought.

Currently, the U.S. has an arsenal of 18 Ohio class submarines. Just one submarine is loaded with 24 Trident nuclear missiles. Each Trident missile has eight nuclear warheads capable of being independently targeted. That means the U.S. alone has the capacity to wipe out Iran, Syria or any other state that supports terrorist groups or engages in terrorism – without risking the life of a single soldier. . . . I'm not suggesting that we rush to use our nuclear capacity to crush states that support terrorism. I'm sure there are other less drastic military options. What I am suggesting is that I know of no instances where appeasement, such as the current Western modus operandi, has borne fruit."

Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

Die in nuclear fire, appeasers!

Less than a year after Munich, Nazi panzers rolled into Poland. Instead of fighting a short, limited war over Czechoslovakia, the Western democracies ended up fighting a world war, the most destructive in history. The war with the Islamists is coming. It is only a question of whether it will be at a time or on a ground of our choosing, or theirs—and whether it is fought within the shadow of a mushroom cloud.

-- from some other right-wing thing.

You know they're never going to be serious, so bomb them now and get it over with.

AT SOME point in the not-too-distant future, Iran may deliver a final reply to international demands that it stop trying to develop nuclear weapons.

The message probably won't be embedded in diplomatic code. It will come in the seismic rumble of an enormous underground explosion, or perhaps in a blinding flash of light and a mushroom cloud rising over the Iranian desert.

Then even the most tolerant and conciliatory Western diplomats will finally understand that the ayatollahs were never serious about negotiating an end to their nuclear program.

. . . The Bush administration must also consider brandishing the ultimate stick: military action against the Iranian nuclear program.
The Alabama Register

Illiterate son of ice cream vendor framed in terror trial could have brought atomic bomb to Lodi?!

What causes misgivings [in the result of the Lodi terror trial and conviction of Hamid Hayat] is not only the shaky evidence but the whole new ball game after 9/11. The one that holds that traditional law enforcement and military response are outdated.

America can't wait to act until the first mushroom cloud, because by then it is too late.

Constraints on presidential power, international checks on American unilateralism, rights for suspects, rules against torture - all are obsolete. In the Lodi terror case, that philosophy justified surveillance, wear-'em-down interrogations, deportations, imprisonment, stigma and great legal expense for defendants.

If authorities are right, maybe they prevented The Unthinkable: Valley Version. If they are wrong - even though they got convictions - then the feds blew a whole lot of money and alienated a pious community in a two-imam version of the Japanese Relocation.

Oh lord, stuck in Lodi again.

Finally, there are the Crocodile Christians. They have been patient also, slowly building their base within government so that now they can even claim the President as one of their own (sort of). Having long since disposed of Gentle Jesus on the trash heap of history, the Crocs for Christ want Armageddon, and they want it now, dammit. Haven't they earned it? Why wait? They're here to give Crocodile Rambo Redeemer a boot in the ass to get Him going, if that's what it takes. Nobody ever said Armageddon couldn't be nuclear, and if the Christian Crocs have to blow up the whole world (including you and me) to achieve their 'dream', well it's God's way, and the American way. No more waiting on some cold mountaintop for shit that isn't going to happen. Everyone knows Americans make things happen. Usually bad things.

That's a bit harsh.

Peace, Earth and Justice News.

It appears the Department of Defense is proposing to use a limestone quarry in Southern Indiana to test the effectiveness of nuclear detonations on underground facilities and bunkers such as those they expect to find housing Iran’s nuclear development facilities. The explosion, oddly called the “Divine Strake” using a whopping 1,400,000 pounds — yes, you read that right, almost a million and a half pounds, that’s 700 tons of explosives, will not make use of any nuclear material, thus enabling the test to circumvent existing test ban treaties.

The test was originally intended to be conducted at the Nevada test site until local opposition scuttled the project over concerns of health risks to the local population from toxic materials released by the explosion and dispersed by a predicted 10,000 foot mushroom cloud. So the site has now been moved to the Bedford-Mitchell area.

. . . I can’t tell you how incensed I am over this story. Why is the Department of Defense so unconcerned that it can put at grave risk the lives of the very citizens it’s supposed to be “protecting?”

Letter to editor in Indiana.

Last week's Daily Fallout.


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