Sunday, August 27, 2006


The articles on Dick Destiny blog are flypaper for the best and brightest. As evidence, consider the following search strings before journeying to favorite pages:

"TATP" and "peroxide nail polish bomb" -- self-explanatory

"hydrochloric acid bomb" -- Improvised cyanide munition

"how to kill a person by poisoning" -- Botox Shoe of Death

"how to make botulism" -- Horse dropping or cow dropping?

"where can I buy cyanide" -- Mediocre terror/nuisance all-purpose flypaper.

"bible codes explosion bomb new york" -- The Daily Fallout

"destroy western civilization + iran's' plan" -- The Daily Fallout, Pt. III

"bioterrorism inevitable" -- Bioterror inevitable: For second or third time this week Ha-ha!

"comet and draino bomb" -- Drano bombs & duds What, not Mentos & soda?

Now that I'm done with today's minor record-keeping, the best headline and picture combination of all time: The New York Times doesn't know Dick (Destiny)

Although now I look like this . . .


Blogger Swopa said...

Thanks for the updated picture!

I guess surgery is out of the question for dealing with whatever that is embedded in your skull.

9:45 AM  
Blogger George Smith said...

It's a "Drudge Klaw," the Village Voice art director's conception of what happened to me in "I, Vermin Under Rock," after the Republicans discovered an old anti-Richard Clarke essay of mine. Wound up as the cover art for the issue.

No way to get rid of it. Now I kind of like it. Menacingly covers some of the forhead shine, don't you think?

4:10 PM  

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