Monday, August 21, 2006

SILL LOOKING GOOD IN LEATHER: More Vic Tanny, one presumes

The iconography On "Denial of Death," The latest CD by NYC's The Brain Surgeons (or Brain Surgeons NYC), resembles that of a motorcycle gang. Call it a revision of the "Transmaniacon MC" Boozefighters-from-the-Algonquin-Hotel mythos off the first Blue Oyster Cult album. Although said by others, it's worth repeating -- the Surgeons are Blue Oyster Cult 2006, while BOC is a cover band doing old hits and other stuff no one listens to. The former never come close to that flavor of kitsch, instead making records still draped in fogs of creepy and creaking-house heavy metal. If they could dig up the guy who did the Me 262-in-Paraguay album art for "Secret Treaties," I'd be even happier.

Upgunned by the addition of Ross the Boss from the Dictators on lead guitar, Denial of Death is a lot louder than any previous Brain Surgeons LP. With no a cappella songs like previous favorites "Biloxi" or dusty blooz ala "Stones in My Passway," the album rips a fair to tremendous trench from "Constantine's Sword" through to the closer, "Change the World Henry," reaching climaxes of Texas shout on "Lonestar" and Motorhead stampede on "1864."

Surgeons singer/guitarist and former rock critic Deborah Frost looks good in leather at the mike and the band insists Ross is a star to Russkis greatly impressed with his old classic Manowar-style guitar-playing. For that you'll want to check "Death Tone" from Battle Hymns, the best, and probably only, heavy metal concept album devoted to the Vietnam vet. I think.


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