Monday, August 14, 2006

THE DAILY FALLOUT (one in a continuing series): Gettin' pets ready, book sales, the gadget you need plus intel that Iran hasn't kept up with advances in US bomb-making

Hawaii: Getting the pets ready!

(KHNL) - Hawaii's airport alert levels went up after an international plot to attack America's airlines was uncovered. But that is just one of many possible scenarios that could strike the Islands.

Another is a nuclear attack, something the state and military have been preparing for, for the past year.

This week, they'll put that plan to the test.

On Sunday, members of the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team met with local agencies to discuss a disaster plan for animals.

"Have your animals' records together, know where things are, put your animals' foods together, medication for your dog just like for yourself," said Garry Goemann with VMAT.

It's all part of the state's efforts to create an emergency response plan. Beginning on Tuesday, state officials will test that plan. They're holding an exercise simulating a large explosion.

The mock drill will take place at Honolulu Harbor. But theoretically people living as far away as Ewa Beach will feel the blast. In the drill, 10,000 people will die and downtown Honolulu will lose a big chunk of its communications.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) - Some Islamic scholars worry that Iran's president may launch an attack on Jerusalem, perhaps with a nuclear missile, a week from Tuesday . . . Professor Joseph Kickasola, an Islamic scholar at Regent University, says Ahmadinejad believes he has a God-given mission to prepare the way for the Muslim messiah, or mahdi, who will arise from end-times chaos to convert the world to Islam.

Kickasola says that while a nuclear strike on Jerusalem would kill Muslims as well as Jews and Christians, Iran's president believes the Muslims would be ushered into paradise.

Nuke Iran Idea Dropped At Insistence of Chiefs

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney abandoned a plan to include "the possible use of a nuclear device" to destroy Iran's uranium-enrichment plant at Natanz because of Pentagon opposition, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has said.

"Bush and Cheney were dead serious about the nuclear planning," a former senior intelligence official told Hersh. But Joint Chiefs of Staff's Chairman Marine General Peter Pace "stood up to them," he said. "Then the word came back: O.K., the nuclear option is politically unacceptable." Hersh termed this a "major victory" for the military, but one that has left "bad feelings" between it and the civilian hierarchy in Washington . . . The possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons to destroy Natanz's buried laboratories was held to be "politically untenable" as the device could "vent fatal radiation for miles," Hersh wrote. Natanz is about 200 miles south of Tehran.

Instead, the Air Force has proposed dropping large "bunker-buster" conventional bombs in quick succession on Natanz to "generate sufficient concussive force to accomplish what a tactical nuclear warhead would achieve, but without provoking an outcry over what would be the first use of a nuclear weapon in a conflict since Nagasaki," Hersh wrote. This approach, however, might fail owing to the enormous heat generated by the first bomb would liquefy the soil, one Pentagon consultant said. "It will be like bombing water, with its currents and eddies. The bombs would likely be diverted."

They haven't kept up with the performance of our latest penetrating bombs

Quite obviously rational deduction does not have a place in the mentality of Hezbollah's leader, the Rev. Hassan Nasrallah, or in the mentality of the Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who raves on about how Israel must be destroyed and the misery he is going to cause America. Rational deduction does play a role in the mentality of the Israelis and the Americans. Both are now aware of how dangerous Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are. And the clock is ticking, for as the distinguished scholar of Middle Eastern affairs, Bernard Lewis, noted in the Wall Street Journal the other day, "It seems increasingly likely that the Iranians either have or very soon will have nuclear weapons at their disposal."

. . . Our forces, mainly the superb soldiers of the English-speaking countries, are stretched; and one would not expect support from NATO's mainly ceremonial armies. They do well in military parades and occasionally even in military maneuvers, but they avoid war zones. As I say, their armies are mainly ceremonial, and if they have any plans to upgrade them it might be best if they contained their refitting to sartorial matters. Perhaps they might adopt colorful sashes and plumed helmets after the manner of the uniforms they wore in the 19th century, what for them constituted the "good old days."

. . . First, let us take up the Syrians. Writing in the New York Sun, the veteran Middle Eastern reporter Youssef Ibrahim suggests that the Israeli air force "stop bombing Lebanon and start bombing Hezbollah's primary enabler, Syria, with crippling blows to its leadership, air force, infrastructure, and, yes, oil industry." He adds: "A 21-day bombing campaign will shift the balance of power . . .

. . . Edward Luttwak, a respected student of warfare modern and ancient, argued in the Wall Street Journal this past February that "the odds are rather good" that our vastly superior aircraft and bunker-busting bombs could "demolish a few critical installations to delay (Iran's nuclear) program for years -- and perhaps longer because it would become harder or impossible for Iran to buy the materials it bought when its efforts (to build nuclear weapons) were still secret." Luttwak believes that we need only destroy a handful of the Iranians' nuclear sites because the route to nuclear weaponry devised by the Iranians "requires a number of different plants operating in series." They may be hardened, but he believes the Iranians have "not kept up with the performance of the latest penetration bombs."

from CNN

Buy my books because they've got the advance poop.

It is hard for many Americans to imagine an Iranian leader (or any other world leader) actually trying to bring about the end of the world by launching a nuclear attack to destroy millions of Jews and Christians. But it is precisely this type of attack that I wrote about in my recent political thrillers, The Ezekiel Option and The Copper Scroll. One of my goals was to help people understand this brand of radical Islamic thinking and its implications for Western civilization. On page 358 of The Ezekiel Option, a fictional Islamic character insists that Israel is going to be “wiped off the face of the map forever.” Five months after Option was published last June, Ahmadinejad gave a speech vowing to wipe Israel “off the map” forever. In the novel, Iran forms a military alliance with Russia and starts buying state-of-the-art weaponry from Moscow to accomplish its apocalyptic objectives. Last December, fiction again became reality, when Iran signed a $1 billion deal with Russia to buy missiles and others weapons.

. . . Jews and Christians who take Ezekiel’s prophecies seriously believe that at the last minute the God of Israel will supernaturally intervene to defeat Israel’s enemies in this war. By contrast, the Muslim version of the “War of “Gog and Magog“ found in the Koran concludes with Muslims winning. The Ezekiel Option and The Copper Scroll imagine how such prophecies could play themselves out in modern times. But suddenly this is no longer the stuff of fiction. Ahmadinejad actually seems intent on launching the “War of Gog and Magog.”
The National Review

The Gadget you will need!
[We have] heard rumblings in military defense and tactical circles that it's simply a matter of when, not if, the United States will experience a nuclear detonation on her soil via either a terrorist armed with some type of portable nuclear device (i.e. bomb) or a ship with a device hidden somewhere inside her parked in a port or harbor or off the coastline of a major city. In fact, one of my contacts informed me ahwile back that it's quite possible that more than one city (possibly as many as 5-7) could be hit either simultaneously or in rapid succession in a coordinated nuclear attack, and that the nuclear materials and components necessary for this type of attack could already be inside our borders.

. . . So, why am I writing about this? Well, 1) because I think it's relevant and important to at least touch on it once, however briefly, and 2) I recently received a nifty little item in the mail from [KI4U, Inc.] that could potentially (eventually) prove to be a real life saver, or, at the very least, give the owner some peace of mind--or scare the hell out of him/her--if the above-outlined scenario were ever to occur (God forbid).

. . . It's called the Nukalert, and it's a key chain-size, pocket-carryable nuclear radiation detection device, or "personal radiation detector and alarm", as the company website refers to it. . . If dangerous nuclear radiation (i.e. nuclear fallout) is present in the air, the NukAlert will start "chirping" in repeating groups of rapid countable "chirps". A table on the back of the unit allows the owner to determine the the actual radiaton [sic] level . . .


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