Monday, August 14, 2006

CHASING THE TERROR: Send mo' money, please

Today's peroxide-bomb detecting gadget comes via the Google News tab. Google News does a great job of distributing press releases as news. But it doesn't do a great job of distributing news from Dick Destiny blog. So please suggest this site and keep doing it until someone listens.

But back to the gadgeteer beat.

Behold the the zNose.

The zNose Detects Liquid Bomb (TATP) and Its Chemical Components.

"An innovative homeland security product called zNose, manufactured by Southern California high-tech company Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc., has a proven capability in detecting a liquid bomb called TATP and its related chemical components in addition to detection of conventional explosives, according to Dr. Teong C. Lim, President and CEO of the company.

". . . This crystalline material can be produced from common acetone, peroxide, and sulfuric acid, yet it has the explosive power of RDX . . . TATP is a relatively volatile explosive and readily produces vapors which can be detected by the zNose. The most publicized account of TATP usage was that of Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, but TATP is often used by Hamas "human" bombers in Israel.


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