Saturday, September 16, 2006

THE DICKHEAD: New award for intellectual achievement of week, granted by Dick Destiny blog

Dick Destiny was mulling over whether the next short entry should be saved for its regular series, The Daily Fallout.

But it's so exaggerated, even by the gold standard of Congressional war-on-terror utterances, it deserves its own place in the diseased sun.

Chris Shays (Rep. R, Conn.): "I believe there will be a biological attack against this country. I believe there will be a radioactive attack against the country. I even believe there will be a nuclear attack. I have been to Los Alamos and I have seen a weapon made with material you could get from Home Depot. The only thing you need is enriched uranium," Shays said [in a press conference.]

Christian Science Monitor

Astounding! Just a couple months ago the bar for what weapon of mass destruction you could make by shopping at Home Depot was set at a subway cyanide bomb in Mubtakkar of Death.

If you're a regular reader, now you know the assessment of what can be done at the hardware store has just been revised upward to the crafting of an atomic bomb. Just add enriched uranium because, you know: "It's easy for terrorists."

In an America that suffered intelligence-insulting fools less gladly . . .


Blogger slb159 said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hrumph! Hrumph! Next thing someone will tell us is that 2 men working in a ohio bicycle shop will build a "flying" heavier than air machine......
You can make any number of explosives right off of any number of any store shelve and then steal uranium from any number of sources. That is the definition of a dirty bomb.

7:53 PM  

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