Friday, September 22, 2006


Journalists, pundits and terror experts are nuts for stories about Islamic terrorists and ricin.

They routinely pop off about how easy it is to "make" the plant poison at home, in a shed, or in some simple terrorist abode, even when a Porton Down chemical weapons expert informed a British court in 2005 that a popular Internet recipe that professed to show how to do it, actually destroyed a great part of it in the "extraction."

They go on and on and on about the dead terrorist, al Zarqawi, and how he was making ricin in the north of Iraq prior to the invasion, even though US intelligence survey teams looking for evidence of WMDs didn't find any at his camp.

And under government largesse caused by the war on terror, taxpayers continue to throw money at companies for widgets to find ricin and cures for it even though there has been only one political assassination by ricin in the last thirty years or so.

But when Americans are caught trying to make ricin, which is about once every two months, it's never significant news.

"A south Jackson couple has been indicted by the federal government for allegedly producing a biological agent to use as a weapon," reported the Jackson, MS, Clarion Ledger newspaper, recently. Note: It's below the news on a robbery of a local barbershop.

"Steven and Kimberly Edwards are accused of trying to make ricin, a poison, to kill her parents with. The indictment says Steven Edwards obtained a recipe from the Internet for ricin, and in early May, obtained castor seeds, an ingredient of ricin."

Kimberley Edwards, according to the federal indictment, here, was -- astonishingly -- even a Ph.D. chemist -- like DD.

But why did the Edwards couple -- dumb and dumber, so to speak -- believe ricin was easy to make?

Because they, and many others like them, have been told so again and again by ace biological and chemical terrorism journalists from the big newsmedia.

So when they go to Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky!" for the phrase "how to make ricin" -- this is what they find -- one of the scientifically trashed, but famous, net poison recipes.

The indictment adds that Steven and Kimberly Edwards were engaged in a conspiracy to murder the parents of Kimberly a with a biological weapon. As motivation, money -- the inheritance of an estate worth in excess of one million dollars.


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