Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AGROTERROR CANT, AS PREDICTED: Al Qaeda interested in it, says FBI man, to crowd of pros whose livelihood depends on taxpayer spending on the matter

As predicted in the blog Sunday, a story entered the newswires today on the threat of al Qaeda-launched agroterrorism, courtesy of a second annual conference on the matter, held at a posh hotel in Kansas City.

Expect a few more before the end of the week, none mentioning the confab's function as an effort to boost commerce to academia and the private sector through anti-terror spending.

From the Kansas City Star:
Al-Qaeda has studied U.S. agriculture, which is in need of defense, FBI deputy director John Pistole told about 900 people gathered at the Westin Crown Center . . .

“I believe that the terrorist threat is changing and even adapting — but so are we,” Pistole said.

The second annual International Symposium on Agroterrorism opened to a packed crowd, primarily industry leaders from across the country and 20 countries. Those attending the five-day event represent various aspects of food production, as well as law enforcement and food scientists.

In his speech, Pistole discussed the potential threat of agroterror attacks. As evidence, he pointed to documents found after Sept. 11 detailing information on U.S. agriculture and translated into Arabic.

Ding, ding, ding goes the bullshit detector.

When an official declaims at a professional conference on what is said to be contained in al Qaeda documents post-9/11 re agroterror, the readers knows to ask for examples. Or to take it with a couple salt-shakers full.

Yes, jihadist documents certainly have discussed bioterror. And they've done it in the most imbecilic manner.

While the naive quality of such documents is never discussed, there is always plenty of testimony on how inevitable the worst possible outcomes are.

[Keyphrase: Agroterror tools can be bought at Home Depot, along with stuff for atomic bombs and hydrogen cyanide smudge pots.]


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