Friday, September 29, 2006

LOW-TECH ANTHRAX STILL DEADLY? FBI research widens suspect list. 'Weaponized' theory undermined . . .

Writing for today's Register with GlobalSecurity.Org Senior Fellow T-shirt on, DD digs into the data provided by a recent paper on the anthrax letters of 2001.

. . .While the FBI seems stalled in its hunt for the bioterrorist, it hasn't impeded the publication of good science on the anthrax letters.

To this end, we point you to the forbiddingly entitled "Forensic Application of Microbiological Culture Analysis To Identify Mail Intentionally Contaminated with Bacillus anthracis Spores," by Douglas J. Beecher of the FBI's Hazardous Material Response Unit in Quantico, VA.

Published in the August issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, a peer-reviewed journal, the article is fascinating for the many things it says about mailed anthrax . . . Read the rest here.


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