Friday, September 29, 2006

DICKHEADS 2.0: Two awards for intellectual excellence in meaningfully framing the threat of agroterror. One expert says casualties of 9/11 a bonus for al Qaeda, then compares it to theoretical foot-n-mouth plague

DD blog didn't think it would need to signify the intellectual excellence of our war-on-terror experts so soon after the Chris Shays nomination.

But then the second annual International Symposium on Agroterror in Kansas City came along, affording the chance for members of the bioterror-is-inevitable lobby to put hooves into mouths.

From the Kansas City Star, an FBI agent make this comparison:
Kansas City FBI agent David Cudmore said that the Sept. 11, 2001, attack was not necessarily designed by terrorists to kill a lot of people.

“That was a bonus for them; they wanted to attack our financial structure . . . They’re not going to kill people with foot-and-mouth disease, but boy will they hit our pockets. We’d lose billions; it will almost cripple us economically.”

Yes sir, it's obvious that ramming large jet liners filled with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center buildings and Pentagon during the work day was not necessarily designed to kill a lot of people, that many fatalities were a "bonus."

A secondary award goes to the conference, as a group. Again, according to the Kansas City Star: " . . .experts say the vulnerabilities are endless."

Of course they do. It's their job.

Read The Kansas City Star.


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