Friday, September 29, 2006

IT WAS TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY: Dick Destiny taught the band to play. We've really gone out of style but I'm still guaranteed to raise a smile . . .

Just posted to the net, another old review of "Arrogance," by Dick Destiny & The Highway Kings, courtesy of a reprint on Dave DiMartino's blog at Yahoo.

DiMartino, now executive editor of Yahoo! Music, was editor of CREEM magazine in 1986 and the following is excerpted from an Eighties year-end wrap-up:

"Yo! Let's party!

"And what better way to party than to get a hold of Dick Destiny & The Highway Kings' Arrogance, a hard-rockin' metal extravaganza that takes up where the Dictators left off with even less class! Yep, you may have a hard time finding this record--and if I had any sense of moral responsibility I'd go downstairs and get it, but I don't--so find it anyway . . . "

The entire piece, which is hilarious in the old style of CREEM is here. Dig the pics of David Lee Roth and the Monkees!

I wrote some things for CREEM and DiMartino, including my first paid-for-record-review ever, a live set by of Hawkwind. They're lost somewhere in the CREEM archives or a dusty box in the closet.

Some MP3's from the old albums and performance, sprinkled through the pages, here and here.


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