Saturday, June 24, 2006

SOME POWER BLOOZ -- Highway Kings style

Someone pleased with their recent purchase of old Dick Destiny vinyl:

Dick Destiny & the Highway Kings -Brutality (Destination)

Brutal late-eighties biker-metal on a small label out of Allentown, Pa. These guys mostly played bars in central PA and apparently blew away every major band they ever opened for. There's more hair on the lead-singer's back than on the heads of everybody in Cinderella, yet Cinderella is hair-metal... Really good, short furious songs, no wanking, lotsa genuine attitude.

Less hair on heads than on backs
"Brutality" was made in '87. The pic is from one of the many stands at The Four G's Hotel in Bethlehem, probably between '88 and '89. At the time, that part of Bethlehem was an unrepentant slum, making it easy to play as loud as necessary with no worries about noise complaints to the owner. Sometimes in the mid to late-90's, the G's caught fire, getting the city out of destroying it on the taxpayer dime. The mayor called the fire "fortuitous" in the local newspaper. My city was gone.

This song, called "Internal Revenue Boogie" isn't from "Brutality," but it gives you the same tone and idea.


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