Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Dick Destiny plays Needle and Spoon


"Needle and Spoon" first appeared on Savoy Brown's Raw Sienna album from 1970. Penned by Chris Youlden, the band's gruff but soulful blues shouter, it has always been one of my favorite blues rock tunes.

I've kept the fast shuffling beat, added a bit more thumping acoustic guitar, plus a short fuzz solo tossed in behind a vocal imprecation. For just that old-timey feel.

No one in this edition of Savoy Brown was a heroin user so rack it up to bumping into other rock 'n' rollers in 1970 Blighty who were. There was no shortage.

For extra fun, consider the single to have a virtual B-side, "Internal Revenue Boogie," here.

Jolly good!

Gear: Roger Linn Design Adrenalinn III, lotsa guitars -- at least three.


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