Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Bed-wetters and office clowns not sought.

The next story took over a year to develop and carry out. I was writing for a newspaper’s features section but didn’t tell anyone about it until the work was finished.

It remains a great read, one I’m still very proud of. And it’s relevant to our current national security problems over a decade after publication.

“Name five CIA experts on anything. I can’t do it,” said a former CIA analyst to the New York Times [on one Sunday] (”Langley, We Have a Problem,” Tim Weiner).

I have written on substantive national security issues for the think-tank GlobalSecurity.Org and been quoted on them. While I’m not secret and classified, I did and do what CIA-men are supposed to do well but often don’t seem to. In the mainstream media, anyway.

On the old blog (here), this story steadily gained in readership over the past couple years.

And so I’ve elected to reprint it on the new blog, migrating it there for the eventual day I abandon Blogger.

Today, according to my Google Analytics chart, it’s one of the more frequently read pieces by people who apparently are searching for information on how to get hired by the CIA.

Good luck with it, if that's you. I’ve no idea if the procedures described here are still in place. More’s the pity if even a few are.

Anyway, can you imagine DD ever working for the CIA? [Insert crazy horselaugh.]

You can read the entire piece, with all the good stuff, here.


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