Wednesday, February 03, 2010


President In Perpetuity of the Fools' Hall of Fame. Hint: It's not the person on the right. She has nothing to do with this.

Today's Los Angeles Times had a full page ad for a shindig at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

Are you a loser who believes if you sit in a vast hall and listen to a disgraced person give you a pep talk while pretending he's a great leader, some of the greatness will rub off? And you'll rush back into the world a new man ready to ascend the ladder of success, earn a couple million bucks and exit the dreary mess that's your life?!

The Colin Powell, the lead speaker, is for you.

Along with Zig Ziglar, old man Lou Holtz, and Michael Phelps who's probably using it to make up for ad revenue lost when he copped to smoking dope.

Fifty percent career motivational speakers and 50 percent famous wash-ups from the American parasite class, Colin Powell sits in the top of the latter demographic.

Really, this is so choice, it writes itself as a beautiful sneer. One could go on for ten thousand words of continuous slur, maybe even more.

The man who went before the UN Security Council and delivered a speech to the world, a speech in which everything was proven emphatically wrong. More power to him. In the days that followed, everyone in authority in the US jumped on the Powell bandwagon.

"How to Get Everyone on the Same Page" -- once -- is one of the tips the great Powell will dispense at this thing. (I added the 'once' part.)

Powell will teach you "Take Charge Leadership"!

Leadership to take the charge right over the cliff, the captain and leader of the mass of lemmings.

Only $4.95 for a ticket, with the coupon, it says.

Here's a speech I'd pay twice that -- ten bucks -- to hear Powell deliver:

"How I got into the business of getting a big check every week to spout before thousands of iron-clad ninnies like you after I wrecked my career and reputation."

"There's no more faith in thee than a stewed prune," someone once wrote. Perhaps he operates under the rule that it's morally wrong to NOT take money off really stupid people.


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