Saturday, January 30, 2010


That was the name of my Saturday radio show at Lehigh University. This is what it often sounded like, minus the vids.

The best videotape of Foghat on the Web. Period. It captures precisely what Foghat was in 1973 -- flattening. Listen to the vulgar display of storming brute power. No one dared follow Foghat onstage. Absolutely no one, I tell ya! Would you?

And they don't even look bad. This looks to date from the tour in support of Rock 'n' Roll Outlaws. I saw 'em a lot. It's what they wore. I swear. Foghat left a smokey burnout on my head.

One in the style of home-made video bootlegs common on YouTube. The nicest kind of fan work.

J. Geils Band in 1979 on/at Rockpalast in Germany. Like Ten Years Later earlier today, you can't fault the Germans on their ear and eye for hard rock quality.

Steve Marriot owned a number of the patents to cock rock. This is a great performance of a good tune, the best tune actually, from Thunderbox in '74.

The rest of the album wasn't nearly as swaggering.

Contrary to popular belief, Peter Frampton could do cock rock. He didn't always look or sound like a little delicate fellow every girl could love. He once performed frightening-to-girls heavy music. This is one of those songs, "4 Day Creep," originally performed when he was in Humble Pie.


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