Saturday, January 30, 2010


The United States has a large privileged class of professional cullions, the purpose of which is to spout off and babble on multifarious global menaces always said to be threatening the country's existence. These menaces need only have the most tenuous existence in reality or not have any connection to reality at all. Most important, said menaces are never considered with any sense of proportion.

Consider these people the worst kind of pseudo-educated riff-raff and paranoids, useless in reality, a class with no idea about what's actually going on in their country, but flunkymen for always increasing military and national security contracting.

The next news piece is cherry-picked for its perfect stenography of their ludicrous posturings, on display at the Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy held by the "Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis and Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy."

Burma and Venezuela to become threatening nuclear nation-states

"The global security landscape in the 21st century is also likely to be marked by the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by both nation states and non-nation states," said someone named Robert G. Joseph, senior scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy. "It’s fair to say that the trend is not positive ... In addition, there are other states hostile to the United States that may seek to acquire nuclear weapons: Syria, Burma and Venezuela."

The dirty tricky yellow Chinese meme

Told with a straight face while we're selling six and a half billion dollars in weapons to Taiwan. This takes some gall even for a country as wracked by hypocrisy and dysfunction as the US.

"By 2015, China is projected to have in excess of 100 nuclear-armed missiles."

"[The Federation of American Scientists] estimates that the [US nuclear] stockpile will decline from approximately 9,938 warheads today to approximately 5,047 warheads by the end of 2012," it says here.

"Approximately half of the warheads in the 2012 stockpile will be active and ready to launch on relatively short notice," continues FAS. "This indicates that US nuclear posture planning 17 years after the end of the Cold War is still dominated by a nuclear warfighting mentality."

Wow, one hundred Chinese nuclear-armed missiles! How dare they!?

"China’s search for asymmetrical advantages also places great emphasis on perceived U.S. vulnerabilities in space and cyberspace," said USAF General Robert Kehler, head of Air Force Space Command.

It is looking like they are developing "the capability for electromagnetic pulse warfare."

But this is all, perhaps, a trick by the cagey Chinaman.

"Kehler noted that while much attention has been paid to China’s 2007 test of a kinetic anti-satellite weapon, it may have been an attempt to distract the United States from more pressing Chinese threats in the cyber domain ... 'For those of us who have children, remember when you would take the kids to the doctor for shots when they were little? The doctor would always have a blue bear that they would hold up, and the kid would look up and then they’d give the shot. I’m not so sure the direct ascent [antisatellite weapon] isn’t the blue bear."

Failed state

New definition: One of the symptoms of a failed state is when the people of the failed state can't tell when they're responsible for some other nation's problem with erupting violence.

"Richard Shultz, director of the Fletcher School’s international security studies program ... cited Iraq in 2003 as an example of a weak state. With the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the United States was not prepared to deal with the sectarian violence that emerged ..."

Only a career ticket-puncher in the national security infrastructure would purposely forget to add the part about the US launching an unjust war under fraudulent circumstances, smashing the government and infrastructure of Iraq, transforming it into a 'weak state' in which "sectarian violence emerged ..."

The original is here. Crikey, it must be depressing to have to regularly attend these things if you're not in on the take.


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