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Niche publishing with a bona-fide gold-plated audience, SA sends in notice of a new book, Silent Safety: Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent.

Showing preparedness for what would be a legitimate and actual class war that has not quite yet arrived, the publisher writes:

As the nation's financial crisis continues to make headlines, many affluent families'clear and present dangers may be flying under the radar. Wealth brings considerable attention and security exposure to families across the globe. Many take appropriate countermeasures only after costly, disruptive or embarrassing events unfold. Since the inception of Risk Control Strategies (RCS) they have provided security solutions for the high-net-worth community to include some of the most affluent families in North America. At the behest of many and driven by copious experiences it was the desire of RCS co-founders Paul Viollis and Doug Kane, to craft a true, personal security best practice reference book for the affluent and their advisors. The information to follow will crystallize the various risks families face every day. Silent Safety provides pragmatic advice and strategic countermeasures that can be immediately deployed to contain a crisis, as well as recommendations to preemptively mitigate risk. This book will provide the reader with Risk Control Strategies' proven methodology for protecting the wealthy and providing them with peace of mind.

Richard Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of Worth Magazine, made the following comments, "After reading Silent Safety, I would rather not live in the world of Paul Viollis and Doug Kane. All too often, it is a scary place in which terrible things can happen to good people. I realized that I may not think about the dangers around us very much but Paul Viollis and Doug Kane do, and they do it so that people like you and me can sleep at night."

DD knows menace to the rich -- the high net worth community -- is no joke.

In foreign countries, it is not uncommon for the natives, impoverished, deprived and starved by their government and kleptocracy economies to riot and smash, or at least attempt to smash, the precious possessions of the high net worthy. To get the rich within their grubby grasp, so to speak.

However, DD knows this doesn't happen in the United States. When was the last time you saw a riot on TV, one in which the natives stormed some place like Wall Street and began pulling people out of their offices?


Fat chance that'll happen. People have been conditioned to be lickspittles to wealth for all their lives and it's hard indoctrination to break.

Take the latest Jack In the Box commercial.

In it, the Robin Hood character is portrayed as an idiot and buffoon by Jack, who winces at the man's fat ass. Everyone laughs. Good joke!

You can't beat that kind of primetime messaging.

When the words populist and revolt come up, everyone thinks of Fox News and Glenn Beck.

After a year of Glenn Beck, everyone's ready to revolt and hand out punishment for our awful state of affairs.

But it won't be the high net-worth community, the affluent, on the receiving end -- guaranteed.

Filled with populist vigor and the burning desire to set things right, we'll riot and make sure that tax cuts are made and the government paralyzed so local offices are closed and parasites can't apply for foodstamps, that teachers are fired or furloughed, that the local department of motor vehicles office is closed two days a week and half its staff fired, that local social worker employment is reduced by 50 percent, that ten percent of the street lights are turned off, that public transportation workers are made unemployed, that paid firemen are let go.

That's really going after the wealthy in their armored limousines and turreted neighborhoods. We'll show them!

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