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Schneck student asks about legalizing vice but staffers neglect to inform Prez the growth industry in the Lehigh Valley is vice -- the casino on Bethlehem's south side.

Our Goofball-In-Chief travelled to DD's old Pennsyltucky home, the Lehigh Valley, today.

It was big news, lads, big news at a community college formerly known as Schneck Tech, remade as a high button destination for the day.

"The first question from the crowd drew gasps and laughs, with a second-year student asking if legalizing drugs and marijuana might help stimulate the economy," reported the Allentown Morning Call newspaper, among others.

"I appreciate the boldness of your question ... That will not be my job strategy," said the President.

Haw-haw, ha ha ha, so funny. A real laugh riot.

Sadly, none of the Prez's brilliant staffers seem to have informed him the only recent growth industry in the Lehigh Valley is one based on vice. Not drugs -- but gambling.

About mid-Summer, DD posted an entry on the Bethlehem Sands here. And it was built upon the slag of an old industry which used to pay twenty bucks an hour, an industry which established a middle and upper middle class in the Lehigh Valley. Sadly, the economic disaster has even hindered more rapid expansion in gambling, drying up some prospects for more construction and reducing the clientele, apparently.

One quote from July:

" 'I've been laid off seven times since 2001," said David Faust, 31, who hopes he has found steady work now as a slot machine technician. 'This area really needed jobs.' "

Why the President came to Pennsyltucky utterly mystifies DD. He appears to have nothing for its citizens, in terms of reversing downward trajectories, other than a jolly smile and the willingness to be a gamer, answering unanswerable questions with a laugh. However, he has now cast the strong impression he always has lots for Wall Street and those interested in continuing war.

Pennsylvania, which went for Obama in the election, naturally may turn on him the next time around. So it's never too late, one supposes, to create the pretense that one is coming to dispense alms for the poor.

"His 50-minute appearance comes at a critical time for the administration," reported the Call. "Obama has to convince the public that he is focused on stimulating the national economy and getting Americans back to work."

Good luck with that, bud. I've been watching and I think you're fresh out of anything for the middle class and know it.

"[Obama] will endorse sending the biggest chunk of fresh money to cash-strapped state and local governments to stem their layoffs and on expanding a program that gives people cash incentives to fix up their homes with energy-saving materials, a senior administration official said."

A cash incentive to fix up the home with energy-saving materials -- particularly for renters -- sounds like the most awesome public works job creation program, ever.

"Obama will also endorse new tax breaks for small businesses that hire workers, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the package, and Obama's speech, are still being crafted," it was also said.

Here's a thought experiment.

See President Obama inspect a piece of string on a table.

"This string," the President says, "symbolizes small business employment trends in America. I will push on the end of the string, the one closest to me, with a tax incentive. That will move the end of the string near you, symbolizing jobs, closer."

President pushes on string with index finger. End of string moves a little, bunching up. Other end of string remains stubbornly motionless.

Great idea, mang!

"Earlier Friday, Obama strolled through Allentown Metal Works manufacturing facility on South 10th Street in the city's old industrial section this morning, the first stop on a national tour focused on reviving jobs in America," reported the Call newspaper.

What this really means is that Obama toured what used to be a big employer long ago, Mack Trucks. And then it went downhill and was bought by the French and went downhill even more until everyone was fired and it was s---. DD even played in a rock band with one former employee of Mack, who was fired or severed. Back then they called it taking a buyout. And then you went broke a year or two later.

"The facility, once a Mack Trucks factory, dates back more than 100 years and now employs about 65 workers, down from as many as 100."

Before the US government and American big business acted to destroy unions and enshrine economic policy to dismantle the manufacturing base so it could all be done in Asia -- Mack used to employ quite a few more than 100. But it would be really depressing to go into it.

Back when Mack Trucks was still around in the Valley, DD went to see an AC/DC concert at Schneck Tech.

Happy times, lads. Happy times. Bon Scott was still alive and the Dictators were the opening act. In front of me, a girl passed out and slumped down in a puddle of her own sick.

Funny how those memories really last. I'll probably still recall it when I no longer can even say my last name.

DD on Pennsyltucky -- from the archives.


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