Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Jesse Ventura has a new TV show. The Body has discovered 'conspiracy theories' while spending time in Mexico, according to one source. And his new show joins -- oh, I dunno, about eleventy hundred other reality and conspiracy theory-type shows to have been featured on cable in the last ten years.

Here's a clip. Ventura goes to HAARP in Alaska, an installation which has been drawing nuts and providing material for books on military weather and mind control for about as long as I've had an e-mail address.

That's a long time.

But paranoid kooks and crap are a recipe for money, established niche entertainment abetted and fertilized well by the fact that you really can't trust the US government.

Once upon a time, DD enjoyed Ventura -- as a pro-wrestling heel -- every Saturday.

On cable. Years and years before it adopted the fake high-button investigative reality TV shtick so we all might find out the truth on ghosts, flying saucers, supervolcano cataclysms, cometary impacts and the end of the world. Or how the most complicated cluster bombs, robot-guided weapons, phasers, Mentos and soda, smart land mines and worm holes work.

But that's all s--- compared to vintage TV.

Yes, I still fondly recall Ventura's arm-wrestling match with Ivan Putski, someone he liked to goad by twisting the last name into "Pa-doo-ski." You, quite naturally, will want to skip forward to about 6:30 in the segment. This is the point where Ventura starts cheating, leading to Putski's inevitable downfall. I'll not spoil it for you.

Boy, you always knew where things were going with Ventura back then.

And here is the trailer for Predator, in which Ventura provides incontrovertible proof that he was the best actor with a minigun, ever. Bill Duke is second best.

They were in the same movie, too!

(Ventura also in the Top 10 for actors with chewing tobacco, for the line on how it made one into a "sexual tyrannosaurus," also from Predator. First place, naturally, goes to Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales.)


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