Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Bum wine pic still not retired.

"Jobless claims plummet to 14-month low," trumpets CNN today.

"Number of initial filers for unemployment insurance sinks to [only] 466,000, the lowest since Sept. 13, 2008."

"A consensus estimate of economists surveyed by expected 500,000 new claims in the week ended Nov. 21 ... The 4-week moving average of initial claims was 496,500, down 16,500 from the previous week's average of 513,500."

And so all now know CNN business reporters and editors can't even add and subtract so good. Or use the calculator built in to Windows.

496,500 + 16,500 = 513,000.

Also in on the Gilded Age desk:

"Not a month removed from the last newsroom layoffs, and with editor Russ Stanton talking openly about another round of staff cuts coming in December, the Los Angeles Times is nonetheless hiring in Entertainment, one of the departments that lost people in October. Kind of makes it seem about bringing in cheaper talent, not reducing bodies or refocusing."

See here.

DD last dealt with Times issues when posting on the newspaper's Official Rock Critic, Tuscaloosa Ann Powers.

Tuscaloosa Ann was granted a branch office in that little Los Angeles of the South, home to the Alabama Crimson Tide. So as to better cover the entertainment hub of the world where the rest of her colleages are being summarily purged.

Over the weekend, Tuscaloosa Ann -- flown in as she was to cover U2 at the Rose Bowl -- covered the American Music Awards in Hollywood, the two places only 1764 miles apart.

That's some saving of money at Tribune, which is in bankruptcy court!

"Are guys even making relevant pop music right now?" wrote Tuscaloosa Ann on Monday. "That's a ridiculous question, obviously, but after Sunday's AMA telecast it seems almost reasonable. Though plenty of men performed during this roundup of both trending and reliable chart toppers, the show's heat emanated from the feminine sphere."

She then spent the rest of the week gushing about Adam Lambert, a dude.

"To state the mind-numbingly obvious, Lambert's full-force eroticism can be seen as the revenge of Elvis Presley's wiggly hips, cut out of the camera's frame on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' in 1956 ... " wrote Tuscaloosa Ann.

Good news, lads! Good news! Our new job's in the shitter!

"Five new restroom ambassadors will soon be tweeting from toilets at Times Square after beating hundreds of hopefuls for the coveted jobs," writes one stupidly optimistic person here.

When one's gotta do, one's gotta do. H/T to Tosk59.



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