Wednesday, November 25, 2009


No matter how 'increasingly unpopular' the war in Afghanistan becomes, there's no 'tipping point' in the US press where journalists with common sense say: "Enough! I won't write this officious hedged garbage anymore!"

DD did a quick survey of US newspaper databases and found 60-70 usages of increasingly unpopular war or variations on it in major news stories alone in the past six months.


"Obama has been accused by some Republicans of 'dithering' about whether to send more troops and deepen U.S. involvement in an increasingly unpopular war. -- The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware)

"But the note contained apparent spelling mistakes. And it left an embarrassed Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the defensive, facing a public uproar that forced him to apologize Tuesday for his sloppy handwriting, while scrambling to defend a war increasingly unpopular with the British public." -- the Los Angeles Times

"The sharpened focus by Obama's team on fighting al-Qaida above all other goals, while downgrading the emphasis on the Taliban, comes in the midst of an intensely debated administration review of the increasingly unpopular war." -- Associated Press

"The Afghanistan war reached its once-unthinkable eighth anniversary Wednesday as President Barack Obama, seeking a revamped strategy for the increasingly unpopular conflict, focused more closely with his war council on neighboring Pakistan's role in the fight against al-Qaida." -- Associated Press

"As the White House yesterday began to debate in earnest the increasingly unpopular Afghanistan war, NATO's secretary-general said President Obama is right to delay troop decisions until a possibly revamped approach is devised." -- The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey)

"Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, hand-delivered his request for as many as 45,000 more troops to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Germany Friday and made his case for why he needs more forces to fight an increasingly unpopular war." -- Knight Ridder Washington Bureau

"U.S. military authorities in Afghanistan have terminated a contract with a company that was producing profiles of reporters seeking to cover a war that's becoming increasingly unpopular with the American public ... The media analysis work being done by The Rendon Group had become a 'distraction to our main mission here ... '" --The Associated Press

That's enough of that. Not so surprising and no way to change the channel, sadly. No matter how 'increasingly unpopular,' the US is only 'increasingly' in for more.

The quote of the day, if a bit of a non sequitur, comes from England:

"Speaking [of his American counterparts in the run up to war with Iraq, Col. J. K. Tanner, the chief of staff for the British commander in southern Iraq] said: 'Dealing with [the Americans] ... is akin to dealing with a group of Martians. If it isn't on the PowerPoint slide it doesn't happen..."


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