Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You often didn't get the first graf in various Net come-ons.

Washington Post editors and reporters hate you.

Given a poll which returns results which show that, pretty much overwhelmingly, Americans believe global warming is man-made, they choose a head-line which implies the opposite. Until you clicked on the link and read the story's first paragraph.

It was a stunt guaranteed to get eyeballs. And it did. DD noticed it at the top of the Google News aggregator page yesterday, assuming it probably drew a hoard of Republican readers eager for something to throw on top of the hacked e-mail story.

Post editors, probably knowingly out of a desire to rig readership, chose to emphasize the minor finding in the pool -- that Republican's have been busy brainwashing their own.

Because the Post is a big newspaper, its headline almost immediately dictated other copy-cat stories.

The Christian Science Monitor website, formerly a real newspaper, didn't resort to pandering half a day later. The Post's slug-line in yesterday's Google News sidebar did not show its first graf.


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