Thursday, December 03, 2009


Tuscaloosa Ann Powers, the LA Times' Official Rock Critic, covering Los Angeles from the little Los Angeles of the South, that city which is home to the Alabama Crimson Tide:

"The big news -- for tweens and dads who've decided the Jonas Brothers do rock, after all -- was the debut of Nick Jonas' new band, the Administration which came midway through the [Grammy nomination] program and might be better left buried in our memories."

Hot s---, Mama! Tuscaloosa Ann, upper crust scribe for the in-bankruptcy Los Angeles Times, a company skedded to purge more employees before Christmas because of hard times, phoning it in fresh and screamin' from Club Nokia. Which, of course, they don't have in the little LA of the South, Tuscaloosa.

"The buzz is that several staffers who lose their jobs will be invited back as contract workers, at lower pay and without benefits, to begin once the calendar year turns over on Dec. 31," reported LA Observed.

This coincides with the recent Times firings of employees in Calendar, then kind of secretly hiring newer workers a couple weeks later for less. Or of raiding its recently purged and desperate journalists for free-lance contributions -- the doing of stories they once did as staffers. In other words, the stripping of employee livelihoods and then leveraging their newly poor positions in life to enrich and extend the bottom line.

However, Tuscaloosa Ann -- being part of the Times upper gilded class of swells -- will probably be safe from the petty outrages and indignities thrust upon the lessers at the place. After all, no dunghill curs will challenge the Helicons.

"I'm here to defend Lady Gaga against all comers," writes Powers. Of course it's out of context, foo'!

On Tuscaloosa Ann -- from the archives.


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