Monday, November 16, 2009


The very picture of Newsweek, a mag for the really white, gullible and scared readership. You'll want to read the bio of James Polk. Really.

Everyday, DD walks to the Ralph's on Lake in sunny Pasadena for the picking up of lunch, sundries and the daily newspaper. Everyday, for the last few months, as soon as or shortly after I walk in the door, a canned advertisement for shingles vaccine starts playing over the public address system. It seems tied to a motion sensor at the doors.

The advertisement -- like the one shown on Newsweek -- is deceptive. It is to create the impression that if you have had chickenpox, and virtually everyone over a certain age in the US has ... then you will get shingles. Soon.

So you will be moved to get the shingles vax at the in-store pharmacy.

Now there can be no doubt that shingles is something you don't want to have. But unless you're getting really older fast, it's probably not a pressing concern for you. Ask your mother, she will know.

Please don't write an angry comment about how cruel I am and that you have painful and embarrassing shingles. I will delete it. That is not what this post is about, really.

But living in a place where you are always bombarded with ads to buy the shingles vaccine but, as for free H1N1, well we're fresh out ... It is the very mark of Stumble-and-Fail country.

After getting your shingles vaccination, don't forget to pick up a copy of Newsweek at the checkout counter on the way out. It's the one with the cover story on "How we could have won in Vietnam."

Toodle-oo and you have a nice day!


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