Thursday, November 12, 2009


This week, the GOP Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy rolled out a member of the ex-pat Iranian dissident party known as Marze Por Gohar to boost its cause.

At FrontPage magazine, "Hadi T. Ardestani, a Nuclear Waste Management Expert and a Nuclear Issues Specialist" delivered the EMP Crazy script. What is a bit astonishing about the entire spectacle are the sources, FrontPage and EMPACT America, both part of the far right Bomb Iran lobby in the US.

"Let us say [a] freighter ship launches [an Iranian] nuclear-armed Shahab-3 missile off the coast of the U.S. and the missile explodes 300 miles over Chicago," the man tells FrontPage. "The nuclear detonation in space creates an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) ... All of our lights, refrigerators, water-pumping stations, TVs and radios stop running. We have no communication and no ability to provide food and water to 300 million Americans."

FrontPage asks Ardestani whether he believes Iran is capable of launching an electromagnetic pulse sneak attack on the US.

"I confirm that scientifically they have enough power to make an EMP attack," he replies.

That cinches it.

Obviously, the US government must remove the Iranian leadership by force and install someone more friendly to us, so that we are not hurled back to the time of the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

"EMPACT America is a bipartisan, non-profit organization for citizens concerned about protecting the American People from a nuclear or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe," adds Ardestani.

"Notably I could name: former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, former Arkansas Governor Mike Hukabee, William Forstchen, Frank Gaffney, Larry Greenfield, Brigitte Gabriel, Clifford May, Roozbeh Farahanipour, Dr. V. Pry president of EMPACT America, Avi Schnurr and many others."

DD can't think of a more learned, serious and bipartisan group. But readers already know that.

The FrontPage article is here.

Marze Por Gohar, or the Glorious Frontiers Party, maintains a website in Hollywood and you can see it here.

"My Secret Plan to Overthrow the Mullahs" seen here on that site, makes for bizarre reading taken from Foreign Policy magazine, composed -- as it is -- by Larry Franklin, who worked in the now infamous Office of Special Plans for Doug Feith and Paul Wolfowitz. Franklin is now serving a 10-month prison term on espionage connected to the Steve Rosen/AIPAC affair.


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The Wonk Room suggests that we call these guys "The Pulsers" so that they can join "The Birthers" and "The Tenthers" in the GOP.

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