Friday, November 06, 2009


Good news, lads! Good news! As companies continue mass firings and hundreds of thousands of lives stumble and and fail, the Los Angeles Times has your back.

Even though the Tribune company is firing people left and right, in bankruptcy and losing circulation, it continues to come up with winning ideas like shipping its Official Los Angeles Rock Critic in from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the little Los Angeles of the South.

And now editorial directors have come up with the most brilliant idea yet! They have devised the most devilishly
Marie Antoinette-like thing

Start a conspicuous consumption blog, because it's so funny. And when people are contemplating their ballooning debts and complete lack of prospects, there's nothing that cheers 'em up more than seeing what the vain and rich have thought up to spend their money on.

"It’s my pleasure to introduce [a new addition] to our amazing list of blogs: Holiday Gift Guide," announced some Times flunky, yesterday.

"The Holiday Gift Guide will inform our readers of great deals, sales, specials, during the holiday season. It will also have an ongoing spotlight called “What Recession?” which will highlight totally extravagant gift ideas (like greeting cards that cost $150 for a 10-pack). The blog will be written primarily by Sarah Ardalani who you have enjoyed on Brand X, and the Homicide Report ... The blog will be edited by the dashing and capable Chris Barton and Dean Kuipers."

Haw haw heh heh hee! There could be nothing Los Angeles Times staffers would like to do more than edit a blog devoted to extravagant gifts, just before some of them get hacked in the next bolus of purge sloshing toward them down the waste pipe.

I'd love to do that! Kill for it! Wouldn't you? You un-American or sumpin'?

It's obvious the concept of "What Recession" will resonate so strongly in US cyberspace, LATimes blogs will leave all others knocked out and quivering in the ditch.

It's such a fantastic innovation, they're probably thinking of an entire line of blogs, to be called, "Ain't Got No Heart: Rubbing It In During Hard Times." With the crown jewel: "Living Like a Habsburg, Really So Wrong?"

And I bet they'll send the dude who wrote "Y'all Got Pakistan On Your Tail" back to Islamabad and Karachi for the entire month of December, so to enable daily posts on what the fun guys at the debt collection phone banks are up to.

Hey Times blog readers, dig this: "Sharhood Feroom found out the person he was dunning in Wisconsin committed suicide a day ago!"

Don't know about you but I'm calling in for a locked-in five-year subscription to the paper now!


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