Tuesday, September 08, 2009


"Americans who fail to sign up for a medical plan after health care overhaul takes effect could be hit with fines of up to $3,800, according to a new proposal circulated Tuesday by a senior insurance industry toady Democrat," says AP.

See, here's the deal. Everyone gets ordered to buy health insurance from the industry that's been screwing Americans over for the last couple of decades. You get to have health insurance like DD's -- premiums are paid but you can't collect on it for anything. Everytime you go the doctor, the insurer won't pay for drugs or services under a variety of excuses having to do with words like "copayment" and "deductible."

So you stop going to the doctor for sh--. Until maybe you're almost dead from something and get sent to the emergency room. Then, if you survive, you get a bill that the insurance company still won't pay enough of, so you can file for bankruptcy. Simple enough. An easy to follow procedure. If you had exercised more and not been on drugs and stuff, you wouldn't be sick, anyway.

Fining people who can't afford and refuse to buy such insurance seems like the icing on the cake. Couldn't be more logical and fair, really. Maybe the fine could be collected by insurance companies, too, thus taking the paperwork intensive duty of punishment for non-compliance out of the hands of the US government. Then there could be an escalating series of penalties added if one does not promptly pay the fine. Like doubling it after thirty days past due.

"Meanwhile, an idea that Obama supported during the campaign and has since championed appeared to be in deeper trouble," explains AP helpfully. "Prospects for a government insurance option appeared to be sinking fast."

"The proposed fines are part of a proposal from Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont."

DD hates Max Baucus. In fact, I hate everyone from Montana. Montana has one tenth the population of Los Angeles county. Seriously. Your cat, dog or pet chameleon could represent Montana.


Even health insurance industry whore Max Baucus is too lefty for the Wall Street Journal op-ed page.


Blogger João o Ião said...

Health insurance in US sucks, thats for sure, even here in Portugal its way better.
You've probably already seen this in el Reg, it explains why I'm not getting some vacations on the US in the near time.
I'm not really happy with the idea of having free colonoscopy based on my "risk assessment" score.

Keep rocking DD

2:09 PM  

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