Sunday, September 06, 2009


More tales from deep inna heart of Heevahava Country.

Stockpile! Obama will bring on the end of things. The masses -- me included -- will come rushing out of LA, head north and try to steal your stuff. Buy ammo or books on how to make landmines and makeshift claymores, so you can defend your stuff from those of us who would take it without paying in silver or gold.

"[Some white Americans, all Republicans] think an electromagnetic pulse -- EMP for short -- set off by a hostile nation exploding a nuclear device in space could fry computer chips -- shutting down everything from toasters and cell phones to trucks moving food, medicine and other essentials around the nation," reports the Oregonian.

[A precious metals] dealer, said some of his customers 'are actually making sure they have a vehicle that's not going to be impacted by an EMP.'"

"Failure of the power grid is a common theme -- say if huge federal deficits trigger inflation and workers abandon their jobs, or if solar flares damage the grid the way they fused telegraph lines in 1859."

"[Some fellow in the countryside] has factored predatory gangs into his plans to flee to his Snake River hideout with his wife ... and their supplies."

Be sure to check the feature photo (follow the link in the first graf), admire the apron straight from Leatherface's Texas Chainsaw Massacre catalog of rural fashion. Honestly, DD doesn't stereotype Heevahava Country; it has plenty of citizens who make a fine job of it without any help.

There's a great script and award-winning part in a pastiche of this for Billy Bob Thornton. Call me, man.


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