Sunday, September 06, 2009


For today's LATimes, Steve Lopez went to the sticks to find "common ground" with the tribe of Glenn Beck.

It's an exercise in nut-picking, now common because the crazy and stupid are so easy to find, something still frequently played as a shocking development in media centers.

So right off Lopez runs into a discouragingly standard fool, from Santa Clarita: "I've seen documentation that states people will be considered terrorists if they wear blue jeans and talk excessively about the constitution. You're thinking I'm a kook, right? Look it up and you'll find it to be true."

Lopez finds the American heevahava gets his news everywhere -- from other conspiracy theorists, a local physical fitness fanatic, Beck, the virtually inexplicable -- like this guy, material functionally similar to stuff straight out of "The Turner Diaries" only diluted by distance from the original source, e-mails and Google searching.

Heevahava Country, in terms of media exposure, is fully wired. But the wires are uniformly filled with the stuff that sputters and sparks with paranoia, a trip through the benefits of instant mass communication after being hit over the head with a shovel and been dealt such a bad hand of brain-damage there's no treatment, no coming back.

Lopez finds there is no common ground between himself and the denizens of Glenn Beck country. He briefly finds a broader obvious issue -- "9/11 was used to rally support for unjust wars" -- but it's like saying DD has something in common with electromagnetic pulse crazies or rock critics because we all breathe air.

The only thing missing from the column is a Jack D. Ripper-like discussion of fluoridation. It's been replaced with 9/11-was-an-inside-job and Obama-appointees-are-communists.

"I thanked [the man] for being so forthcoming and then I hit the road, driving past Magic Mountain and out of Glenn Beck country at a good clip, headed for home," he concludes.

"[Maybe] by the end of the year and the passing of Obama care, [we shall see] a diabolical plan that will replace and circumvent God," writes one man from Pennsyltucky, who -- for the sake of illustration, DD has linked to before.

The mind as roast from coast to coast.

What is to be done?

Well, I hear there's these FEMA camps where we can put people who wear blue jeans...


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