Monday, September 07, 2009


What's wrong with getting the first black Supreme Court Justice out of books?

"[A woman in Waco, Texas] likens watching the [Obama] speech at school to teaching evolution," reported the local newspaper.

"I don’t believe in that, and I wouldn’t want it shared with my children."

In an article from Religion Dispatches on how a Texas planning board is trying to bring history books in line with the beliefs of the extreme Christian right, is written:
"It’s a strange notion that a conservative viewpoint is one that no longer supports the idea that we are a country founded on a principle of religious freedom.

"It’s even stranger that members of the media now describe the conservative position as one that argues America is a nation founded on a rigid theocracy ... [In the context of this article, this is a reference to Fox News Channel, which has reported on the issue. --DD]

"All this plays into the idea that if you don’t like this ... then you’re a leftist who hates Christians."
The article discusses how board members would like Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez and Ann Hutchinson -- a woman who was banished from her community for trying to exercise religious freedom, taken out of history books for not being good examples for children.

In Pennsyltucky, my favorite source, the Lehigh Valley Scripture-Quoting Heevahava offers another common complaint:

"So Obama wants to give more propaganda to our children in the schools?" it rhetorically inquires.

"[Obama] and his family were recipients of the entitlement system and now he wants to spread the wealth to make the productive pay for more entitlements for the Democrat assigned victim classes. Shouldn’t he be encouraging the welfare community to be more productive and to contribute to society to lessen the burden on all? He should but won’t! He knows where his votes are coming from and the Democrats and Obama designed it that way, want it that way and will never give that up for 'the children' they claim the care for."

And in such a confused way, a speech to work harder becomes a strengthening exercise in which the burgeoning 'welfare community' -- African Americans -- is reinforced on how to get more undeserved stuff, at the expense of the tribe of GOP white guy.

There's no arguing with that quality of stupid.

Not coincidentally, this was one of Ted Nugent's favorite scripts at the Waco newspaper. Until he was recently fired for being his usual douchebag self, too belligerently opposed to everything even for Waco.

In DD's experience, there has always been a deep resentment of schooling in Heevahava Country.

In Pine Grove the locals presented it in many different ways having to do with the politics of resentment: dislike of teachers, who they thought were rich, lazy and who had a union and were off three months every summer, having to pay a paltry property tax to support it, science and math classes which were too hard, the onerous duty of running off those in the teaching staff who seemed a bit gay while leaving the child molester who was a favorite wrestling coach alone, etc.


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