Monday, September 07, 2009


Was the explosive plot viable? That's a loaded question.

Where these men bent on terror? Yep.

DD covered this years ago. At the time the US press went into hysterics.

All of that was discussed at length here.

Everything, except the existence of the plot, was reported foolishly in the US media. Very little of it, almost none -- in fact, holds up. The UK airplane plot -- politically -- was more along the lines of a convenience for the Bush administration, something to once again scare people with, exposing the UK investigation which had it well in hand and forcing arrests before British authorities were ready.

Read down to the comments for links and discussion on the how's and why's on the chemical bombs.

Would the convicted men been able to make such things? Possibly. Possibly not. It's a method, though.

Again, see here with special attention on the comments, the pertinent material of which was in the public domain awhile ago.

Keep in mind, the actual working ingenuity of alleged al Qaeda men in the west has proven to be very strained in the intervening years.


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