Friday, June 27, 2008

YOUR FRIDAY DOSE OF NERD ROCK: Knit caps and swells

Courtesy of the THURSDAY promo sheet called "The Guide" at the Los Angeles Times, we have that newspaper's weekly choices, the nerdiest of nerds, chosen by their appeal to an imagined readership of hipsterschosen by entertainment reporters nerds for the delight of the many milchtoasts who washed out of graduate school before clinching the MFA.

"It's been less than a decade since pianist Taylor Eigati -- as a 15-year old prodigy -- was on the teaching staff at Stanford..." Stop! You're already making us sick.

Knit cap, eye-liner, and everyone else heroically out of focus. The name of Palmerston's lead guitarist is Basilio Fernando Ferreira, don't you know. Desperate to get signed, they moved to LA from Toronto and took the name from a town near the latter because Pasadena didn't sound hip.

"Wanna see the new MySpace page I built with my Mac?" asks Jesse McCartney. "This iced chocolate milkYoo-hoo is really great!"


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