Sunday, June 22, 2008

YOUR SUNDAY DOSE OF NERD ROCK: Crapwear fashion plates

Courtesy of the New York Times, Sunday Arts section, indie nerd rock, selected by the upper middle class nerds who write the section, for the restricted milchtoasts and pantywaists who like music as pseudo-intellectual air-freshener. Best played on National Public Radio, promo photos always shot to look like its winter in Scranton. Or Sheffield.

Brrr, sure is cold here in New York in June, imply Hercules and Love Affair. Art department refused to run photo with 'em wearing snoods.

Bad hair, bad clothes, bad knit cap, dead bush and bags under the eyes. Ceramic Dog looking good if "looking good" means "zombie movie shot in Pennsylvania." Do you really wanna know what they sound like?


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second item down

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