Thursday, June 05, 2008

THE PENNSYLTUCKY MONOLOGUES: Far right group in Pennsy in fear of gay people

If you just read your news in cyberspace, never getting a good ol' newspaper, you miss some good stuff on the state of the nation.

In today's Los Angeles Times, "The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property" took out an ad which spanned two full pages of the newspaper.

The TFP was "Battling for America's Soul -- How Homosexual 'Marriage' Threatens Our Nation and Faith..."

Certified as a right wing organization by RightWingWatch.Org, the TFP hails from Spring Grove, Pennsyltucky, a small town near York, technically in the heart of the state's little Bible Belt as identified in Kevin Phillips' "American Theocracy."

TFP is a Catholicism-based organization, one virulently opposed to "pro-homosexual clubs" on campus and performances of "The Vagina Monologues," chastely referred to as the "V-Monologues." Their tongues cleave in two, you see, if they say the polite word for cunt or pussy.

So, in terms of southern California or San Francisco, when the TFP visits it must consider us to be what it calls "secularists," misguided humans promoting the overthrow of the remnants of Christianity. Homosexuality is immoral -- blah, blah -- and if you defend it, so are you, which makes the Republican chief justice who wrote the opinion leading to gay marriage in California an enemy of "Our Nation."

"Legalization of Homosexual Unions Weakens Private and Public Morality" maintains the TFP. After browsing the literature and website, the message is fairly clear: Homosexuality is a contagious immorality, threatening to corrupt children into the gay lifestyle.

Finally, gay marriage is "a public sin that can draw God's punishment upon our country. We must sacrifice and do penance..." to avoid this. It has the familiar rattle of the fundamentalist minister, explaining that 9/11 or Katrina or any disaster, perhaps an earthquake or large fire, is an angry God's punishment for not sufficiently giving the lash to gays.

Biblical in its genteel wrath, TFP invokes Sodom and Gomorrah. "The So-Called Cultural War is gradually becoming a Religious War," it is said.

Your host couldn't agree more. As has been printed in previous essays on the blog, the differences between tribes in fundamentalist Pennsyltucky and here are unbridgeable. Bring on the religious war faster, chaps.

After scouring the TFP website, it was seen that there was no shortage of text on the evil of homosexuality. What was missing was any attention to the US Catholic church's inglorious position as the go-to place-of-shelter for priests who enjoy buggering young boys. Funny how that works. And DD says this as someone raised in the Catholic church, Pine Grove/Tremont parish.

Naturally, not everything in York County can possibly be tainted by right-wingers and old time religion. It remains a locale where one can buy the best-tasting potato chips in the world. DD does not hand this praise out lightly.

"First it was Barack Obama. Now, California Sodomites impurify our Nation. Lord, is this a sign of the end of times?"


Anonymous Daniel said...

I'm really surprised that the TFP only focuses on homosexuality and hasn't embraced the bible's advocacy for slavery and stonings for crimes instead of prisons.

The Republican party must be so befuddled over the conflict from that civil war mistake abolishing American slavery when they now see they must be on the leading edge of fighting for anti-gay discrimination.

The other thing that confuses me is that since marriage is only for straight people to procreate, why do they all the marriage of infertile couples.

7:53 AM  

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