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PENNSYLTUCKY MEXI-FRAID TOWN NOT FOR OBAMA: Apparently -- but home of Obama Girl

The Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader ran an unintentionally laugh-out-loud funny story on Hazleton's famous celebrity-via-YouTube export, Amber Ettinger, aka "Obama Girl."

Technically, Hazleton is more famous for being a place of formerly closeted bigots now in the open in their desire to criminalize illegal immigrants, a menace or threat they believe to have ruined their town.

Luzerne County, Schuylkill County, the entire Pennsy coal country was fouled up decades ago. Mexicans had nothing to do with wrecking it.

"Standing outside city hall in the gathering dark, Norman Tarantino felt, for once, that he was lucky to live in Hazleton," wrote the Los Angeles Times months ago.

"Most of his friends had moved away over the years, convinced that the old coal city's best days were behind it. But as of Thursday night, Tarentino said, Hazleton once again has something to be proud of. It is the most hostile environment in America for illegal immigrants."

"When John Quigley, a Democrat mayor, lost his reelection bid in 1995, it was amid rumors that he had rented billboards in New York to recruit Latinos to town in exchange for government payments of $1,000 a head," read the newspaper. "Quigley called that rumor 'an urban legend . . . ' but many in Hazleton believe it."

We're supercilious toward Hazelton because in soCal, DD still knows the old coal region in Pennsylvania.

More illegal immigrants probably shop at small markets, cheap eateries and liquor stores within twenty minutes walking distance of DD's house than live in all of the decrepit and brokedown towns of the eastern coal counties of Pennsyltucky. Hazleton, freaked out over outdoor ads in Spanish. Convinced that small businesses which cater to Spanish-speakers are corrupting the quality of their civic infrastructure.

Because things stink economically in Pennsylvania and they're not experienced with a real multi-culti environment, illegals are a good scapegoat for the locals.

"Hazleton occupies a unique perch in this year’s presidential contest," reported the Times Leader. Somewhere around 23,000 people live in the town.

"It’s the hometown of 'Obama Girl,' the New York City model of YouTube fame whose racy videos proclaiming her crush on Barack Obama are definitely not campaign-sanctioned," informed the newspaper. "Her parents still live here, and her unlikely career break has gotten older, working-class whites talking more than they otherwise might have about the young black politician from Chicago."

The idea of Democrats as anything more than tokens in Hazleton, even if they pretend to be for Hillary Clinton, is a laughable one from the standpoint of a Pennsy-expat in soCal. (The newspaper insists in the same article they outnumber Republicans 2-to-1 in Hazleton.) Even slightly progressive people leave places like Luzerne County when and if they can. Or wish they could leave.

"Then, too, there’s Hazleton’s place on the front line of the illegal immigration debate," continued the newspaper. "When an influx of undocumented workers changed the city’s character and took a toll on school, hospital and public safety budgets, Hazleton adopted headline-grabbing measures to punish companies that employ illegal immigrants and fine landlords who house them. Other cities followed, but last year a federal court threw out the law. The ruling’s under appeal."

"If this slice of hard-times country mirrors how Pennsylvania ends up voting, there’s hope for Clinton."

The newspaper proceeds to interview the locals who profess they're not bigots, tripping themselves over Freudian slips in the same interview.

Sez one: "I’m not crazy about voting for a colored guy, but that’s not why I don’t support Obama. I’m not prejudiced. I just like Hillary."

Sure, whatever ya say.

The baleful spectre of Jeremiah Wright is still eating some of them, too.

"Hearing about Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, makes ['Obama Girl's dad, Terry Ettinger] mad. "It’s the black philosophy of the white people holding them back ... That they can just say one side of it and have the congregation cheering — when I don’t think it’s true!"

The newspaper informs 'Obama Girl' "rents a place in New Jersey but still considers Hazleton home. Her parents say she plans to vote in Pennsylvania’s primary. But her dad says nobody should confuse her public persona with how she’ll vote — which he says is nobody’s business."

It's all the fault of others, folks in the Pennsy heartland! Blame illegals for lousy pay, poor jobs and no health insurance. Blame "the black philosophy of white people holding them back..." Blame others for having been cheated of something -- anything -- you thought you were entitled to.

"Democrats ... outnumber Republicans by close to 2 to 1 here," claims the newspaper, profiling people who only seem to fit the description of "Democrats" as those who may vote for Clinton in the primary, so Democratic they also freely indicate a desire to vote for McCain in the general election.

"But McCain’s sympathetic approach toward immigration may cost him Republican support too, perhaps even from the city’s mayor, Lou Barletta, who’s using his activist role in the immigration debate to challenge the local Democratic congressman, Paul Kanjorski, D-Nanticoke," adds the newspaper.

"[There] is a small Obama campaign headquarters, opened last month. Some locals drive by just to see if it’s real."

Obama Girl for who and from where?

Republicrat barflies for who? In Pennsyltucky.

Back to Pennsyltucky.

Pennsyltucky life from the archives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexicans. Illegal immigrants. Why is it that every illegal immigrant is assumed to be a Mexican and every Mexican an illegal immigrant? We're not all trying to crawl through holes in your hi-tech fence. Some of us are perfectly happy where we are, and want as little to do with our bully of a northern neighbor as possible.

(Nice blog by the way, but I prefer your bio-terror debunking articles to these political rehash pieces.)

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