Wednesday, February 14, 2007

AN EX-CIA GREEDHEAD'S TASTE FOR THE RICH LIFE: In the process of being sent over

Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, a former executive director of the CIA, is entering the process of being sent to prison for accepting bribes from a friend who ran a series of shell companies in southern California.

His fifteen page indictment is here.

It contains a damning collection of suck-up e-mails to his friend, Brent Wilkes, and others, as well as a tally of rich tastes while at the agency.

While one does not wish to believe that higher-ups in the CIA are all in need of stringing up, reading the indictment doesn't do them or their clandestine service any favors. It is an aggravating litany of dumbshittery as well as overarching greed.

"From on or about July 6, 2001 to about November 3, 2004, [Kyle Foggo] was the senior officer in charge of support operations at an 'Overseas Location' and as such directed the Overseas Location's daily equipment supplying operations..." it starts.

"From on or about November 4, 2004 to about May 12, 2006, defendant Foggo was the Executive Director of the CIA (then the third highest position in the CIA), and as such directed the CIA's daily operations."

"From in or about 1993 through in or about 2005, defendant Foggo completed ethics training approximately eight times and served approximately two years as Deputy Ethics Official," continues the document, eliciting a horselaugh.

Foggo is accused of money laundering, committing fraud and "engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity," of essentially accepting rich bribes in goods, offers and material while coercing or arranging for CIA subordinates to award contracts to his friend, the crooked contractor, Brent Roger Wilkes.

The only thing the indictment does not reveal is where the CIA operations were that Foggo was screwing with in his quest for gain. Afghanistan? Iraq? Will we ever know?

Rich tastes, cigars, towering cakes, Russian beers and gypsy entertainers

"Wilkes paid for Foggo and his family to join Wilkes and his family for a vacation in Scotland. The vacation included over $12,000 in jet flights, over $4,000 for a helicopter ride to a round of golf, and over $44,000 for a stay at the Pitcastle Estate which included trout fishing on hill lochs, salmon fishing on the river Tay, clay pigeon shooting, archery and a seven person staff," relates the indictment.

"On or about January 28, Wilkes treated Foggo to a dinner at the Capital Grille, for which Wilkes paid $1,195.96, of which Foggo's pro rata share was approximately $398.65."

At one point one reads of Wilkes being given a contract, through Foggo's conniving, for the delivery of water to CIA personnel at a price which was a rip off, marked up 60 percent over what was formerly a going price.

If anything, Foggo obviously likes to eat very expensive food.

"Wilkes treated Foggo to a meal at the Serbian Crown Restaurant, for which Wilkes paid $733.65 . . . Wilkes gave Foggo an Ellie Bleu Cigar [sic] humidor" which cost "2,307.38."

Continuing the guide to fine dining, "Wilkes treated Foggo at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Fairfax, Virginia, for which Wilkes paid $902.33 ..."

Wilkes and Foggo entered into an agreement, according to the indictment, in which Wilkes would hire his friend upon the latter's retirement from CIA.

"I plan to retire in ca in three years," wrote Foggo in e-mail to a bank loan officer, according to the government. "...while I have a big offer from a company in California [Wilkes' shell firms] -- I may stay in the area due to my worth to local companies..."

Crooked former Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, now serving time, looks to be an informer for some of this. One can, perhaps, imagine him at the same tables at the Serbian room and the Capital Grille.

The Serbian Crown Room in Great Falls, Virginia, offers, "Gypsy entertainers and an accordionist who resembles an old-time Cossack soldier ... On top of that, The Serbian Crown offers an eclectic array of both Russian and French fare, with a smattering of wild game dishes thrown in for good measure. Given the tenor of the place, it’s also not surprising to find listed at least two dozen vodkas, nearly 20 vodka-based drinks, various flavored vodkas and Russian beer. With such a setting, it’s no wonder that patrons opt for the heavy, rich dishes better suited to Siberia. Take, for instance, the tender venison cutlets, served with a rich sauce and two poached fruits (good) and green beans (overcooked). The pirozki, tamed sausages wrapped in a flaky pastry and sauced, is a good starter. If you are up to dessert, a server will wheel to you a tiered dessert cart with elegant towering cakes and pastries. Perhaps in the end you may just decide to order shots of vodka and caviar, lean back to soak up the background music and dream of far off lands."

Pictured above, an Elie Bleu Cigar humidor, priced at $2,300+ which you can put in your on-line shopping cart here. With 75 smokes, that comes to about $30.66 per.

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