Monday, February 12, 2007

THE HOME JIHADI'S REMEDY FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT: Chapati flour, peroxide, Mountain Dew. CDs of Meatloaf and video of 'Meet the Fokkers,' optional

Monday lunch-time PST humor break. Much to the world's great amusement and laughter, the terror trial of the Chapati Flour Gang has informed on the alleged -- make that really alleged -- efficacy of bombs made from ridiculous materials.

However, the next is just in from the net, a recipe for the curing of Athlete's Foot, the common fungal infection. It makes a little more sense than the formulation of the Chapati Flour Gang.
Instructions: mix flour and peroxide together then add a little Mountian Dew. The mixture should be like a paste. Put the paste on your feet. Then put on a pair of clean holy socks. go to bed and when you wake up take off the socks and soak feet in cold water. Finally rinse feet, be sure to get all of the paste off feet. *IF THE PASTE BURNS IT IS WORKING ... Apply twice a week.

From a home remedy page for Athlete's Foot here.


Blogger drmathew said...

Wow! what a coll remedy. Will suggest this to my friend who is suffering fromathletes foot

2:46 AM  

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