Friday, February 02, 2007


Sometimes DD has to pick up the guitar and let some good humor emerge. Last weekend, "It's a Gas" was tracked. In addition to yours truly, it features celebrity Richard Clarke on guest vocal, taken from a computer virus emergency, one in which a digital beast was about to "launch a big ol' D-O-S" -- as in denial-of-service attack -- on our great nation, many years ago. Rhythmically, it works kind of nicely.

"It's a Gas" was also the single on a record, allegedly "sung" by Alfred E. Neuman, and put into MAD magazine in the late Sixties. "It's a gas!" someone would yell after a gay Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs type of riff, and the guy playing Alfred E. would let out a variety of belches, some of them genuinely ferocious. It was a laff riot.

I also used to be fond of the music from Hee-haw. Two guys did a spoons and knee-slapping thing just about every show, punctuated with snappy mouth noises. That was really great as was the weekly rendition of Buck Owens' "Pfft You Were Gone."

Remember "Where, where are you tonight, why did you leave me here all alone?"

"It's a Gas" is here. Tech note: The Internet saw fit to put a millisecond drop-out into the song. It doesn't ruin the idea and it's not your equipment malfunctioning. And I'll fix it the next time I upload.



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