Thursday, February 01, 2007

NICK FURY'S PR MAN: Pull-ups, push-ups, dips and sit-ups -- David Petraeus can do more of them than you

The next bit on David Petraeus is pure over-the-top apple-polishing, the kind only a really bad newspaper would print.

In the past couple weeks Petraeus has been compared to Robert E. Lee, T.E. Lawrence, Steve Jobs and Obi Wan Kenobi. He has been repeatedly called the most brilliant man in the military, something which may be more than a little annoying to others in the service who do not consider themselves to be dullards. In the next segment, he's compared to David, the David from the Goliath fairy tale. Never mind that we Americans, with respect to war in Iraq in 2003, were enthusiastic about being Goliath taking down the much lessers of the world.

As a nation, the US is addicted to self-praise, even moreso when the times are ridiculously inappropriate. The more wretchedly we're doing, the more witlessly we brag.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

"During my tour with Petraeus, from 2004-2005, he proved to be an unbelievably energetic and upbeat man. He had an internal power source that enabled him to operate at 100 percent throttle all the time ... But while Petraeus is a skillful program administrator, he is still at his core, an infantry officer and a soldier. He has the most acute attention to detail I have ever seen in a military officer, but he isn't a micromanager or an obsessive-compulsive."

"I've seen him do on the spot corrections on soldiers who were wearing the uniform incorrectly or mispronounced Arabic words. Little things mattered to him, but didn't consume him. He once trained a lieutenant colonel on how to properly wear her Kevlar helmet, adjusting the straps himself..."

Strength through joy of physical fitness

"His days started before the sun came up with 5-mile runs and some calisthenics in the gym. He was known throughout the Army as a gym rat who was regularly challenged by soldiers in pushups, pull-ups, dips and sit-ups. In Army folklore, there is a tale of a brawny soldier, decades younger than Petraeus, who asked him how many pushups he was going to do that morning. Petraeus responded with a smile: 'One more than you.'..."

Petraeus was a drill sergeant, coach, teacher, commander, cheerleader, pace-car driver, chief executive officer, father, manager and mentor. I was lucky to have been his [p.r. man] in Iraq...

"There is no doubt that selecting Petraeus to lead the mission in Iraq is a smart move. I am puzzled that it didn't happen sooner, but now King heading back to Iraq for his third tour...

"We're about to watch David slay Goliath, and I'm excited..."


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