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PAZZ & JOP 2006 MUSIC POLL: DD's ballot, not for all markets

For the past six years DD has participated in the Village Voice's yearly music poll. It collects the ballots of around five hundred (!) pop music kritiks, tabulates the results by assigned points and lists the alleged best albums released for the year.

Quite naturally, DD is always near the bottom of the list in shared enthusiasms. Another music journalist has always crunched the numbers and posted them to his website as a critical alignment rating. It'shere and if you click through to it, interpret it thusly: The closer to the bottom, the more unique the ballot. In other words, the fewer others shared your tastes in the poll.

DD's ballot is here -- good enough to rank me 470 among around 500. And that's moving up in the world. In past years, if memory serves, DD has actually had ballots where zero records listed on it were shared with the other skillion critics. This year's count is three: Joan Jett's Sinner, Leanne Kingwell's Show Ya What and Jesus H. Christ & the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse.

Here's the list and linked reviews from the blog:

1 Leanne Kingwell -- Show Ya What
2 The Who -- The Endless Wire
3 Jesus H. Christ & The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse
4 Def Leppard -- Yeah!
5 The Kentucky Headhunters -- Flying Under the Radar
6 Cheap Trick -- Rockford
7 Various Artists Hollywood Hairspray, Vol. 5
8 Solar Anus -- Skull Alcoholic
9 Joan Jett & the Blackhearts -- Sinner
10 Witchfinder General -- Live '83

Sorry, no review of Solar Anus, a Japanese hard rock band that sounded a little like Budgie, except with incomprehensible Jap lyrics, of course.

Because the Voice poll only allows the listing of ten, a lot of things DD was quite fond of can't be packed in.

There was Girls Got Rhythm, a compilation of all girl heavy metal tribute bands. You simply must be entertained by the idea of an all girl band named Cheap Chick doing a cover of "Surrender." Ditto for Mistress of Reality doing "Fairies Wear Boots."

Pat Travers' PT Power Trio 2 was 70's classic stadium rock for the purist.

Include Pentagram's First Daze Here Too, a double-pressing of demo tapes from a hard rock band stuck in Maryland in the 70's. The essay it comes with is a hoot, a glorious tale of failure showing that they got as far as having members of Kiss come to their house to watch a rehearsal, only to be told they didn't look good and had bad skin. Such people, I like.

2006's Top Albums, according to the Voice poll, here.

Spoiler alert! Bob Dylan.


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