Monday, February 05, 2007

THE CHAPATI FLOUR GANG: Chapati and Meatloaf?

Your friendly neighborhood GlobalSecurity.Org Senior Fellow has copied over some photos from the trial of the Chapati Flour Gang Jihadis in London. Circulated from the English court to the media, their purpose is to argue the prosecution's point that bombs made from flour and an indeterminate homebrew concentrate of salon peroxide are credible.

DD has maintained they're not but that it's a somewhat irrelevant issue. Intent to cause great harm appears obvious and gross stupidity in the would-be bombers isn't an ameliorating factor.

The above photo is of the stove from al Qaeda's Chapati Flour Gang center of operations, a small apartment. Ostensibly, it is to show how the salon peroxide was cooked.

The next photo is one of seized bottles of said peroxide.

And the last photo is one of an abandoned Chapati Flour Gang bomb.

Note the washers and bolts wishfully taped to the outside of what looks like a small tub of mushy chapati flour. The scoop from the upper corner is probably where authorities removed the detonator.

"In the kitchen was a corroded stove on which prosecutors say [the Chapati Flour Gang] boiled-down the peroxide hair bleach to make it stronger before mixing it with chapati flour, related the English press. "The oven was streaked with chemicals on the front, Woolwich Crown Court in South London was told."

"And on the [stove] rings was one of the pans used in the condensing process, it is alleged. A microwave oven next to the cooker had been left pockmarked by splashes.

"The alleged 21/7 bomb-making factory contained Meatloaf and Michael Bolton CDs, a court heard yesterday," another report added.

Making "bombs" from chapati flour and peroxide bleach to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," among other tunes, sets an interesting scene.

In any case, the reader is left to make the determination. Which is more logically used in bomb-making? High explosive or chapati flour and beauty salon fluids.

Remember, no points in the real world for MacGyver-isms or breaches in the application of common sense.

One ton of explosive consisting of mortar rounds, artillery shells and rocket bombs in a truck? Or a plastic tub oozing chapati flour and peroxide?

Chapati flour and peroxide from London. It it like TNT, something really akin to "more than 1,100 mortar rounds buried in a stash just south of Baghdad ... a 'supermarket-type cache.'"


Prediction: If the US mainstream media chooses to eventually cover or summarize the trial, reporters and editors will also portray the Chapati Flour Gang as adept demolitions experts who slipped up by accident.

Chapatti Flour Gang Convicted.


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