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"High-power microwave weapons may be on the verge of a high-speed turn toward the practical," writes Aviation Week reporter David Fulghum here.

As a reporter for the trade pub, Fulghum's been part of the electromagnetic pulse lobby for the past fifteen years or so, writing about the miracle electromagnetic weapons that are always coming but never quite arriving. They are always on the verge of a high-speed turn toward the practical, so to speak.

The writing on our microwave cannons and their pulses has always been pathological.

Big plans have been afoot for fifteen years. A revolution in warfare and technology greater than anything we can imagine is nigh upon us, and all you have to do is read the rumor and jargon-riddled copy for the scoop.

"An advanced concept, pioneered by BAE Systems' researchers, uses light to multiply the speed and power at which [high power microwave electromagnetic pulses] --powerful enough to destroy enemy electronics--can be produced without the need for explosives or huge electrical generators," it is claimed.

Next, produce the boffin to deliver extraordinary but unsupported claims on his greatest new technology.

" ... BAE Systems researchers claim they have made a singular leap in HPM weapons technology ... Furthermore, the technology is scalable through the use of 4-in.-square arrays, each an integrated structure of dielectrics and electrical conductors. One hundred of them distributed over a square meter, for example, can generate up to 10 gigawatts of power, says Robert D'Amico, BAE Systems' director of advanced programs.

"We have shown everything we claimed with a laboratory testbed," says Oved Zucker, director of photonics programs for BAE Systems' advanced concepts facility here."

All is within reach of the electromagnetic pulse weaponeers.

"[We] extend from the sledgehammer to just making the [computer's] brain a little bit befuddled so it can't think for a moment."

The electromagnetic pulse weapon is good for everything. It is a Swiss Army knife of technology.

Mount it on a ship to destroy an enemy's navy. Just aim it at their bridges.

Put it in the F-16, the F-15, the F-18, hell -- everything that flies. Shoot it all over the place and the foe's entire air force, his cruise missiles, his surface-to-air rockets, they all come crashing down! Total victory, finally, within our grasp!

Tune in next year for the same story.

But our enemies are also sizing us for an electromagnetic pulse of doom overcoat.

The Chinese, for example, are planning to strike with nuclear electromagnetic pulsing, write the usual suspects.

"Leading analysts of the murky world of Chinese shashoujian weapons are growing suspicious that China will aim to counter its perceived enemies with anti-satellite and directed-energy systems, micro-satellite configurations and jamming weaponry," writes some nerd for The Guardian.

"Worrisome, too, is the potential to detonate nuclear devices in space, releasing an electromagnetic pulse that could cripple space assets in the targeted vicinity."

And the electromagnetic pulse attack coming to America, this time from Iran, is all the fault of the craven liberal Democrats, the greatest traitors this country has ever seen.

"Let me tell you the consequences of this impending defeat in Iraq," growls a security man for World Net Daily.

"A nuclear-armed Iran, now feeling invincible after a showdown with 'the Great Satan,' will attempt to use its new arsenal against America and the West. They may do so through the use of terrorist proxies. They may attempt to do so with an offshore attack using crude Scud missiles – perhaps even with an effort to produce an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out America's electrical grid and the circuit boards that represent the lifeblood of our technology society."

". . . This is the predicament Americans have placed us in today – Americans like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, John Warner and Chuck Hagel ... these Americans actively doing the bidding of our enemies deserve a special place in the history books of betrayal and cowardice."

Also into the fray jumps Arnaud de Borchgrave, the Short Count, editor-at-large for United Press International, recruited by the CIA at least twice and author of the best-selling techno-thriller, The Spike.

"China also has -- untested -- the ultimate weapon to silence an enemy: the E-bomb, or electromagnetic pulse," he declares. "In the nosecone of an ICBM, or even MRBM, set to explode at an altitude of 75 miles above the east coast of the United States, EMPs can knock out all communications (except small handheld radios) from Maine to Florida and from Manhattan to the Mississippi River."


"How to take down the computer-driven sinews of a modern industrialized state quickly became a top priority for the major powers and Israel," writes the Short Count.

"Since then the United States has more than matched China's arsenal of cyberweapons -- from ultra sophisticated logic bombs, to Trojan horses, worms, viruses and denial of service decoys."

"China is looking at asymmetrical warfare, such as electromagnetic pulse attacks, to help overcome American advantages," writes another Republican manning the ramparts.

"However, such strategies, while preventing Washington from taking its superiority for granted, cannot defeat the US. To do so would require more traditional means. Concludes Gen. Zhu Chenghu: his country has 'no capability to fight a conventional war against the United States.'"

And out in Deseret, Utah, one woman doggedly keeps her electromagnetic pulse attack vigil.

"Let's say she's driving down Parleys Canyon and all of a sudden the radio station she's listening to goes off the air and her car stalls and she looks around and all the other cars on the road are stopped too," writes a newspaper. "[Sharon Packer] has pictured this scenario many times."

"This will be a signal that the country has been the victim of an electromagnetic pulse attack. EMP — the intense electrical pulse produced when even a small nuclear bomb is detonated at high altitudes — is Packer's biggest worry. In less than a second, the pulse can melt the wires of every piece of solid-state electronics, and the entire electrical system, in the United States."

"The probability of an EMP attack gets larger every day, she says, because 'a whole lot of people are developing weapons, and some of these people are not very responsible.' . . . Even a country with one low-yield bomb, deployed from a missile shot from a freighter in U.S. coastal waters to an altitude of 200 miles, could turn the United States into a Third World country within moments, she says. The damage is so swift that most lightning-protective devices are useless."

"An EMP isn't dangerous to our health," adds the newspaper helpfully.

Only a few people in the country recognize the danger of electromagnetic pulse attack, continues the newspaper.

One of them is Lowell Wood, a crackpot nuclear weapons scientist also involved in saving the world from global warming by thinking how to duplicate the eruption of Krakatoa with eleven mile high kevlar soot stacks.

Packer is spreading the testimony, already well spread, by Wood "that 'even a modest, single-explosion EMP attack on the United States might well devastate us as a modern, post-industrial nation.'"

It is time to shake people out of their "denial and inactivity" with regards to electromagnetic pulsing menace, she told the newspaper.

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