Tuesday, February 13, 2007

THIRTY MINUTE DIRGE: And then it really slows down

Tuesday morning music break over at PaperThinWalls.com, a review of Orthodox, a trio of young men from Seville, Spain, who play three dirges on their new CD. One is thirty minutes long, another only thirteen or so.

Their heroes were a heavy metal band called Sleep. Sleep were never successful but infamous for an album entitled Jerusalem, a sixty minute-long dirge about smoking pot as a religion. That means the Orthodox fellows are nuts but nuts and thirty minutes long is the coin of the realm within the genre they have chosen to make their own.

In 1999, on Sleep, from Amazon's reviews page:

Sleep succeeds at putting listener into coma! One star.

May 13, 1999

Although Jerusalem rates a big goose egg as standard hard rock entertainment, I give it a solid "5" -- perfect -- as fractured high concept. It is entertaining indeed to picture the frozen grimaces on the faces of record execs at London -- the major label that paid for Jerusalem -- as the tape rolled for the first time. Heads must've rolled. Excellent, Sleep, for making a record that is so solid a raspberry to everything the "pro" record labels stand for. Unfortunately, a 52-minute dirge metal treatise to the religion of pot smoking doesn't quite make it as a repeated listening experience any more than David Peel's Have a Marijuana did decades ago. That said, at times the guitar, bass and drum rumble is occasionally awe-inspiring. Pike's lead breaks -- there are only three of 'em, all short -- capture the early Seventies-Brit Sabbath sound perfectly. Heavy as lead pseudo-religious treacle about harvesting dope. Singular in a dumb, cunning kind of way! Go, men, go!

If that sounds groovy, then find a pro review of Orthodox here. Be relieved the quality of mercy is not strained. The streamed tune is only three minutes in length.


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