Monday, November 06, 2006

LORDS: This Ain't a Hate Thing, It's a Love Thing

On Gringo, Brit import hipster hard rock band, Lords, reviewed at by DD.

"The Unfortunate Death Of The Lords" enters with an early ’70s style, one that’s halfway between rough psychedelia and riff stomp. It sounds like Stray, a persistent band of English undercarders from the era of classic rock fond of mixing a little art with their boogie madness. Lords’ singer Lord Philippe Jean Welding squawks "I see black rings around my worried eyes" in tune and on time with the syncopation of his companions on rhythm. It puts him a step or two ahead of most of the competition in the land of hard rock for people who don’t like hard rock—in other words, hipster metal. The drums are rattletrap but just when the tension builds to irritation, they lock in and gallop to the end where you’re let down gently with morose fiddles performing in the parlor for a Lords wake. Read all of it.

Hey, some Brit reader or passerby ought to send DD a copy of the new Winnebago Deal CD. They don't get to California and I'm a fan.


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