Wednesday, October 25, 2006

JIHADIST STILL FLOGGING RICIN: Still crummy on the biochemistry

A small item from one of the private intel sites that alleges it keeps you abreast of the worldwide terror threat. (Read: We translate documents from jihadist websites like Althabeton and reprint juicy parts even when it's total rubbish.)

"In a document posted on August 12 entitled 'How to Fight Alone,' [al Qaeda partner Muhammed Khalil al-Hakaima] provides readers with a list of what he describes as 'simple and accessible means' to use against the 'enemy occupiers,' it is said.

"Among other statements, he recommends that followers study the human anatomy in order to identify vulnerable areas and to take up martial arts and exercise, presumably to prepare for hand-to-hand combat scenarios. He then mentions utilizing tactics such as stabbings, arson, car bombs and cutting the brake lines on automobiles. Al-Hakaima suggests using lethal doses of narcotics such as cocaine and heroin as weapons, although he does not specify how exactly to employ these agents. He even goes as far as to recommend the use of readily available poisons, such as castor oil seeds, which contain ricin, a potent toxin that can lead to death if consumed . . . "

Lethal doses of narcotics, huh? To be administered to whom? Junkies? Can it be baked in a cake or worked into hamburger?

We'll just say you're pretty thin in the playbook of violence when you're down to recommending people study judo or meditate upon ways to get others to eat castor seeds.

And so the idiotic Kurt Saxon/Maxwell Hutchkinson recipe for ricin, beloved by American neo-Nazis and al Qaeda dimwits -- that's progress -- raises its head for the umpty-umpth time.

Save yourself the trouble of looking for jihadist poison recipes and scrutinize this fragment of Anas al Liby's Manual of the Afghan Jihad here, rendered unto Dick Destiny by a reporter from the Los Angeles Times a while back.

For additional reading, consult From the Poisoner's Handbook to the Botox Shoe of Death for thorough background and pretty pictures. And the tale of The Castor Oil Killer for more details on a similar level of expertise.

Readers -- security experts and pleasant laymen -- know by DD's repeated postings that ricin isn't a practical weapon of terror. There is only a small amount of it present in castor seeds and lacking any technical knowledge on how to remove it -- other than grinding the seeds into a powder -- the so-often sited Internet recipes actually destroy most of the toxic protein.

Since many American neo-Nazis and Islamists appear to be really light in the loafers when it comes to applications in the hard sciences of biology and chemistry, it is good news when they're spied flogging the same old trash.


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